2019 High Heel Trends

The Hottest Heels This Year!

Fashion is fickle and ever-changing, and it can be hard to keep up with which styles will be winners from one year to the next. Today, Wildfire is here to give you a quick overview of the best new looks for high heels and the ones that you can find on our shelves!

1) Patterns and animal prints

Shoes will animal prints is one trend that we expect to see throughout 2019! Where block colours seemed to be the norm last season, it's materials with some personality that are turning heads these days.
Leopard and cheetah prints are old favourites, so you shouldn't be surprised to see high heels with these patterns available at Wildfire. A bold print is a great way to add some excitement to any outfit and help spice up an everyday look. Spotted high heels could be just what your plain work clothes need to feel fresh this year. Plus, leopard print high heels will be an especially good match with all of your autumn colours!

2) Sling-backs

Sling-backs dominated 2018's high heels, and it doesn't look like they plan to slow down now. There's a lot to love about these vintage-look-made-new shoes. Unlike taller high heels, sling-backs from Wildfire can be worn for hours upon hours without encouraging painful cramps or annoying blisters.

Since sling-backs are a classic look, they are a nice pair in professional settings and could be an excellent addition to your work clothes. Additionally, your calves and ankles will look slimmer when you wear our skinny high heels.

3) Just add buckles

Metallic features are in for 2019! Some people say that it's the year we go back to grunge, while others are just keen to see high heels with something geometric or shiny again. At Wildfire, you get your pick of two sorts with these kinds of buckled high heels; functional or fashionable.

If we're talking fashionable buckles, then your high heels will have textured or special-shaped ones. On the other hand, our high heels with functional fastenings will help improve the fit and feel of your nest pair.

Oh, and they look gorgeous, by the way!

4) Pointy toes

Do you know why women with wider feet love high heels with pointed toes? It's simple; shoes with pointy ends can make feet look narrow! If you're shopping for high heels in this look, then Wildfire has some styles ready for your perusal.

First, we have our pumps. These are finished off in shiny patent material or lovely faux suede, but whatever you choose, you will enjoy the comfortable slide-on design, a slim and sweet point, and a set of high heels that could fit any occasion!

Secondly, we have our block-style high heels. These have covered toes and a supportive ankle strap for your best feel and long-lasting comfort. 

5) An old favourite that's still going strong: espadrille wedges

Espadrille fever hit the fashion world hard, and it doesn't look like we'll be seeing the end of this trend anytime soon. Of course, it's not hard to see why high heels as beautiful as these are still up and kicking. With their broad base to help keep balance on tough terrain, espadrilles are a favourite style indoors and out.

While the weather is hot, we'll be recommending you wear these high heels with cute cami tops, pretty playsuits, and flowing dresses. However, once the season starts turning, your espadrilles will still look hot with jeans!

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