5 Chic Flats That'll Make You Want to Ditch the Heels

Every girl loves to wear stylish heels but compromising on comfort is a battle we all experience. The best thing about heels is that they give you an extra boost of heel height and an added layer of style. However, despite all of the positives, heels can also lead to our feet feeling sore and tired after a long period of wearing them. 


Most of the time, girls are happy to push through the pain to keep wearing their gorgeous pumps. However, there are times where wearing heels can feel like too much effort, and all you want to put on your feet is comfortable in new arrivals of kicks. 


This is where the team at Wildfire store is here to help you, girl! 


The perfect alternative to heels is flat shoes. Now, you may wonder why flat shoes are the next best thing, but we have a never-ending list of why they are so good. So collect these super cute flat shoes, and they will make you want to ditch the heels as soon as possible, thanks to their level of style and comfort. 


These shoes may not be your first choice, but babe, once you spend a night out in stylish flat shoes, you will realise your heart belongs to them (and not the painful heels!). We have gathered our top five styles of chic flat shoes that will make you want to ditch the heels every single time. 


So take a quick view of our top five shoes below and discover these exclusive offers! 


Perfect in Platform! 


Say hello to the up and coming on-trend platform flats! These shoes are the perfect alternative to heels due to their level of comfort. These shoes give you the best of both worlds, where you can get heel height and style all in one without compromising your level of comfort. 


The platform flat shoes have a thick base, but it is all one level. This means that your feet will remain placed on a flat surface rather than being elevated, which is how you put a strain on your feet. So you can say goodbye to sore and painful feet when you ditch the heels and swap them out for these shoes. These shoes can ensure your outfit looks gorgeous all day and night long. 


Platform flat shoes may appear like a casual shoe at first sight; however, once you style them with your favourite going out to look, we know you will fall in love. Our go-to look with platform flat shoes is by styling these shoes with a skin-tight mini dress so your feet can get all of the attention.


If you are not a fan of skin-tight clothing, try pairing these shoes with a flowy skirt or some high-waisted jeans and a cute top with a crossbody bag. But, no matter what look you choose, we know the platform flat shoes will elevate your look and ensure you flaunt chic vibes all day and night—time to add this to your wishlist.


Jewelled Flat Shoes!


Spice up your shoe collection with jewelled flats. These shoes will have you feeling all levels of style and chic no matter what time of day you choose to wear them. 


Jewelled flat shoes are a great alternative to heels as they offer a more comfortable look whilst still maintaining the high-class edge that the jewels provide. If you are a little confused about what it means to find jewelled flat shoes, then let us fill you in, sis! 


Jewels on shoes usually refer to additional pieces on the footwear that are similar to actual jewellery. This can include chains, beads, diamantes, and crystal-like pieces. These sparkly additions can elevate the style of flat shoes into a more sophisticated and classy type of shoe. This tip is perfect for important occasions, work correctly, or a special occasion you need to attend but have no idea what shoes to wear. 


Our go-to would be jewelled flat shoes, so you can keep them classy without the need of straining your feet in some heels. These shoes are also super versatile so, you can wear them straight from the office to cocktails with ease. They are the flat shoes you must have in your wardrobe, girl! 


Strappy, Self-tie Flats!


Take your look to the next level. If you are hunting for shoes that will not hurt the budget (or your feet), then it is time to invest in some self-tie flats. These strappy wonders are too cute to resist and have many benefits regarding usefulness. With effortless strappy details, you can elevate your work correctly or night-time look, all with a simple change of shoes. 


If you are looking for flat shoes that can boost any outfit of yours, then you have found the perfect pair. Self-tie strappy flat shoes look best with a fit that shows off your flawless legs to a bold statement. The main feature of these shoes is the self-tie straps, so wearing a look that allows you to flaunt the straps will give your outfit that next-level edge. 


Self-tie shoes are best worn in the summer so you can enjoy the warm salty breeze without any worry. Outfits that show off your legs will also highlight your gorgeous strappy flat shoes, so choose wisely, ladies!


Cute And Colourful! 


A pair of colourful flat shoes may have you doubting our expertise but hear us out! Colourful flats are a desirable alternative to heels for more reasons than one. Wearing colourful heels are sure to make all of your friends give you compliments all night long. 


But colourful heels only seem to look best with a simple staple-classic colours dress, so your shoes are the highlight of the show instead of your entire look. The best thing about colourful flat shoes is that they look stunning with just about any outfit. You can easily style colourful flat shoes with denim jeans and a cute crop or a flowy floral dress for the warmer weather. 


Some colourful flat shoes provide a fun and vibrant essence to any look and can be styled up to look classy and chic or styled down to offer a more casual vibe. So ditch the heels before it is too late, and treat yourself to super cute colourful flat shoes. You will not regret it, girl!


Pointed-toe Flats! 


The ultimate style of shoe that will give you all levels of chic and sophistication is the pointed-toe flat shoes. There is something about the pointed-toe design that gives your look the best vibe possible. 


Pointed-toe flats are perfect to wear at work as the sleek finish offers an appropriate style for the corporate environment. It is always necessary to remain well-presented when working, which is why pointed-toe shoes are perfect as they give you the corporate vibe without having to put a strain on your feet by wearing heels. 


This look can take you from the office to after-work activities with ease so, you will remain on-trend and stylish throughout your normal day and night. So, whether you have a dinner date or cocktails with the girls, these pointed-toe flat shoes will have you feeling fine as hell, girl!    


Ready To Ditch The Heels?


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