5 Fashion Forward Heel Styles You’ll Love!

Get back in fashion with Wildfire’s five must-have styles! Do you feel like you’ve fallen behind with the latest trends? Is your wardrobe in dire need of a new pair of heels or an update of one of your favourites? Wildfire is here to give you a quick rundown of our top looks in 2021 to help you get back on track. Here are five styles of heels that everyone should have right now!


Any of our short block heels will do beautifully! 


Our tall block-based styles are stunning, but we think that low platforms deserve their time in the sun today! These gorgeous block heels combine long-lasting comfort with the hottest fashion trends, and we think they deserve a spot on your next shopping list! Right now, we have several cute strappy styles at Wildfire. We love ones with feature bands across the big toes, but you also can’t go wrong with classic horizontal or crossover straps.


This season, you should be keeping an eye out for heels with braided top straps too. With our short platforms on your feet, you can stay out all day and night and never get sore feet! Plus, along with pairing block heels up with your best party clothes, you’ll always have the option to dress them down with denim jeans (or a skirt) and a cute shirt. 


Bring the retro vibes with cake-stand heels! 


These are a modern classic and a must-have in any women’s wardrobe. Cake-stand heels were a top pick back in the 90s, and we’re so glad to see them out-and-about again. They’ll bring the same stylish feel as stilettos, but with a fun twist. Plus, the slightly-thicker heels also offer a bit more support, which means a comfy fit is guaranteed. But what about the designs?


Since cake-stand heels have been such a hit, Wildfire has brought in heaps of new versions. We have self-tie designs, thong-strap styles, ones with thick top bands and peep-toes, and even more! Our cake-stand heels also come with stunning finishes, such as woven material or see-through material. 

Translucent styles are a huge hit because they match everything. You’ll have fun experimenting with any of these! Whatever your aesthetic is, you’re sure to find a dream pair at Wildfire. With cake-stand heels on your feet, you’ll be ready to take on whatever 2021 can throw at you! 


We’ve got great wedges in 2021!


Who says that block heels and stilettos are your only options? A trendy pair of wedges could be the perfect way to complete your look this year. There are so many reasons to love wedges. Not only are they so comfortable and supportive for your feet, but they also have no trouble walking outside or on uneven surfaces. If you want the ultimate ease of wear from your next set of heels, wedges should be on the top of your wish list!


So, what about styles? Our picks are styles with wraparound ankle straps and round retro buckles, and we love a bit of raffia material!


Wildfire has some cute slide-on heels too. These wedges come with two thick top bands and an airy feel. Since they’re backless, you can wear your wedge heels with a maxi dress, long skirt, or full-length pants since you don’t have to worry about covering any statement ankle straps! 


If you like these gorgeous wedges, then you might want to stop and have a snoop of our flatforms too! These thick-soled sandals have the beauty of heels and the casual comfort of your trustiest flats. Like our wedges, you’ll find many flatforms with contrasting soles. We also have several braided rope detailing and other fun features. 


Other fantastic alternative styles for your collection are heeled boots! Boots with block heels are an awesome addition to anyone’s collection. While most people think of these as shoes for autumn and winter, they’re trans-seasonal as long as you style them right. Plus, since they offer more coverage than the average pair of heels, they’re excellent for outdoor events and days with wild weather. We highly recommend ankle boots for your everyday wardrobe.


The low-cut ankles make them easy to match with different outfits, and the platforms will bring a touch of glamour to your look. But don’t feel like you have to follow that trend. Thigh-high block heels are sure to make a statement whenever you wear them. They aren’t exclusively for parties and special occasions either. You can pair over-the-boots up with a cosy knit or casual dress, and they’ll make a stylish everyday look. Which way do you think you’d want to go with boots? 


Try something with a trendy colour or pattern!


Okay, you’ve got us on this one! Technically, we aren’t going to tell you about a specific trend or style of heels. Still, we think this is a worthy addition to the list because picking a pair with a standout finish can take your ensemble from average to extraordinary.


Take a look at the heels in the Wildfire collection, and you’ll quickly realise that we bring out different colours and fabrics for our favourite designs. As far as the leading colours are concerned, the bulk of our heels come in white, beige or black. However, we also love branching out with pretty pastel shades and more vibrant colours too!


Right now, pastel blue, purple, and green are at the top of our customer’s shopping lists, so you’ll see plenty of those on the shelves. Heels in these bright shades are sure to be eye-catching, and they can add a bit of fun and energy to your outfits as well! 


We also love updating our favourite classics with new textures. For instance, some of Wildfire’s most popular heels from last summer are back in stock with a crocodile skin option in 2021! The scaly texture is everywhere at the moment, so if you want to stay on-trend, you should seriously consider snagging a set for yourself. 


So, what will it be?


We’ve just clued you in on a dozen must-have designs for 2021. Which sort of heels will be going on your shopping list today? Don’t worry if you loved the sound of more than one style; after all, you could treat yourself to more than a single pair, thanks to Wildfire’s guilt-free low prices. 

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