5 High Heels That Will Elevate Your Wardrobe

Your Guide To Buying Heels!


Are you itching for a fresh pair of high heels? Wildfire will do you one better! Our sensational styles will instantly take your wardrobe to the next level this season, no matter what the occasion! Here are five designs for high heels that will bring your look into 2019!


1) Pumps


What these mid-range stilettos lack in height, they certainly make up for in sophistication! If you’re after a set of high heels that can instantly lift a look with a touch of vintage styling and a classic feel, then there’s no way that you can pass these up!


Our patent and faux suede pumps are an easy pick for ladies who want shoes they can wear in the office and on weekends. With a slim heel, style toe, and comfortable slip-on design, these high heels bring a beautiful arch to your feet.


If you want to look ready for a day out in the city this summer, then try pairing our pump high heels with your favourite denim skirt or shorts. You’ll look done-up enough for a lunch date with friends or that special someone, without feeling over-the-top.


2) Block-based high heels


If you want something to lift your look literally, then these are the high heels for the job! With up to twelve centimetres of an elegant base to boost your height and make your legs look long, toned, and lengthy, then these are just the thing.  


Shorter ladies who want that extra height boost to help lift their confidence, or to keep level with everyone else in a group photo, will find our towering high heels are a dream come true!


With strappy variations that crisscross gorgeously up and around your ankles and calves, these ideally showcase under flowing skirts or party dresses that highlight your legs.


3) Espadrilles


These stunning platform wedges are the perfect high heels to lift any look! If you need an essential style this season that you can pair with your casual wear or pull off the perfect party look, then you’ll be in good hands; and good shoes!


Their cool textured finishes, supportive base, and ankle-accentuating design bring the best look to any setting! Since they toe the line between dressy and casual, these chunky high heels are the perfect way to dress up or dress down a look, and have you ready for anything!


4) Sweet stilettos


When it comes to graceful high heels, you can’t do much better than our stilettos! These are perfect for pairing with flowing tops and sleek skirts that a pair of thicker high heels could look awkward or clunky near. These are a stunning pair to wear at weddings, work functions, and other top-tier events.


However, you could easily sneak some of these skinny high heels into your everyday outfits, with the proper styling steps. We recommend keeping colours consistent and accessorising to match your shoes for a harmonious fashion experience.


5) Diamante-covered


How can you make a pair of high heels look even more glamorous than usual? Easy! Just add some sparkles to the mix! Keeping with current trends, many of our latest looks at Wildfire features straps with glitter or jewel-like adornments.


These have always looked at home on our stilettos and other formal high heels, but don’t be surprised if you see rhinestones and diamante trim on sandals and slides this season too! We love this look as a way of naturally elevating any look! You can easily upgrade a lazy combination of a t-shirt and jeans with some glinting high heels and the jewellery to match!


So, which will you be buying?


Browse online today for Wildfire high heels! We have the best new designs to heighten your look, and bring on the New Year!