5 Reasons the Block Heel Will Be Your Best Friend At Work

Finding The Perfect Pair Of Work Heels 

Are you looking for the ultimate work heels? Wildfire has got you covered with everyone's favourite block heels! These are sure to bring out your wild side. Our fantastic line-up will be perfect for work and corporate wear. Why do we love them so much? Here are five reasons why!

1) The ideal balance of practical and beautiful

When it comes to work heels, finding the right mix of fashionable and job-appropriate can be difficult. Depending on what your job entails, you may need work heels that can handle hours of standing or walking around, or of a day spent dormant under a desk. At Wildfire, our block-style work heels are versatile enough to cater to all your needs.

We have united the trendiest looks of 2018 with foot-care technology, so you can find styles that look and feel great. Our work heels bring you the best options of height, colours and designs so that you can customise the corporate wardrobe of your dreams!

2) Long-lasting comfort and stability

If your working days are long and demanding, then the last thing you need is shoes that slow you down. With the right pair of our work heels, you will never have that problem! Spending a day in Wildfire's block-style work heels is effortless.

The broad platform base provides support and comfort in one. By bringing a broad base to balance on, these work heels help distribute your weight evenly through your feet, ankles, and legs. Not only does this reduce the chances of any tension or discomfort from building up, but it can also stop muscle strain and fatigue from occurring.

3) Heights that can suit your setting

Most offices and other places of employment usually have a dress code. Work heels can help make you look more clean-cut and professional, so it isn't unheard of women to be required to wear them. However, in other settings, you may be penalised for wearing work heels above a certain height. Be sure to double-check the rules before you go shopping!

At Wildfire, we have work heels of all heights, from as low as three and as high as ten centimetres. You can keep things simple and light with a shorter style (while still affording your feet that graceful arch), or boost your height and confidence with a taller one.

4) You can choose from an array of colours and styles

Work heels from Wildfire can come in all shapes and designs. You will love finding mixing and matching, and finding new combinations with your existing wardrobe. Whatever your aesthetic, Wildfire has something that will turn your head!

Our work heels come in white, red, pink, natural, black, silver glitter, and smooth rose gold. Most styles even come with two or more colour options too. Plus, you might also have your pick between a shiny synthetic finish, soft faux suede, or glossy patent material as well.

We have strappy lace-up looks that will elongate your legs, pointy-toed styles to narrow feet, and buckled beauties for adjustable comfort.

5) A smooth transition from into weekend

One great thing about our work heels is the fact that they are so versatile. These elegant styles can easily be worn out casually on the weekends or take you straight from desk to dinner. So, if you find a pair of work heels you always want to wear, then these fabulous shoes are just what you want!

Ready for your new pair?

You can find our block-style work heels online or in-store exclusively at Spendless Shoes! For work heels that will bring out your wild side, shop with Wildfire today!