5 Stylish Yet Comfortable High Heels

Heading out with the girls this weekend for a Sunday spent day-drinking and wine touring, and you’re not sure what heels shoes to wear with your outfit?

Don’t worry; we’ve all been there! That’s why we are here to help take the hassle out of finding the perfect heels shoes to wear to any event, including a girl’s day out!

Since you’re going to be on your feet most of the day, you’re probably dreading the thought of wearing your high heels all day long.

Well, luckily for you, we’ve got the perfect solution for you… Kitten styles! Since kitten mid heel styles are still trending heels online and thriving on the heels online charts, why not take full advantage of these versatile high heels?

High Heels That Are Right On Trend!


Kitten styles are right on trend with their modern take on these ‘90s favourites. No doubt, these high heels are versatile, stylish and comfortable, making these heels shoes a breeze to wear anywhere, from work to play!

Wildfire’s kitten styles range in so many different styles and colours, we are sure you will find that perfect pair for any occasion.

So be bold and try something different, step away from the safe black heels and nude tones, think blue, green, blush pink, lavender purple or white. Adding colour to your high heels is fun and right on trend, perfect for a day out with the girls!

Find The Perfect COMFORTABLE High HeelsFor You…


That’s right, the keyword here is ‘comfortable’. So find some high heels that will keep your feet comfortable all day and night long! Read on as we take you through some stylish yet comfortable high heels!


  • Low Block Styles



You can’t go wrong with the classic square toes block high heels. Ever since this style stepped onto the scene, stilettos have been tossed out the window!

And with good reason, forget the blisters and swollen toes at the end of the night; Wildfire’s block heel sandals styles will have you walking (or dancing) on clouds all night long.

Chunky, short block heel sandals make your feet feel much more supportive rather than stiletto heels shoes styles.

Block heel sandals will give you the illusion of wearing trendy casual shoes while wearing very comfortable low block heels.

The detailed straps across your foot will give everyone that illusion making it look like you're wearing a chic, slim pair of casual shoes!

Every girl must have this block heels style in their wardrobe, the perfect pair of high heels for any outfit.


  • Kitten Style



Classic kitten styles are back! You might remember owning a pair of these block heels in your tweens, the only pair of high heels your mum would let you wear! Cringe, right? Well, cringe no more, kitten styles have made a comeback, and they are hotter than ever!

Wildfire’s range of kitten styles features square toes, open-toed, slim and strappy mid heel high heels that looks super stylish and will bring the magic to any outfit.

Still not convinced? Not only look but feel great too, these short, mid heel kitten high heels are fantastic for long days, trust us, you will love the new and improved kitten high heels!


  • Cake Stand Style



Here’s a new shoe trend, cake stand block heels styles! These are a great alternative to kitten styles, I still feel dressed up wearing high heels, but the difference here is the shape, which mimics a cake stand shape.

Feel more secure and stable in cake stand style. Also, the thicker base will give you more stability, like block heel sandals styles. These are perfect for cocktail events, casual events and a great addition to your corporate wardrobe too!

Wildfires cake stand high heels come in different strappy heeled mules styles in trendy square toes. So why not give these new shoes a try and let your heels shoes be the hot topic at your next ladies day out!


  • Wedges and Platform Heels



Wedges and platform heel are a great shoe to try for those casual day events when you’d prefer to wear something a little dressier than a pair of flats or slides. Quickly transform any casual day outfit in record time, perfect for a ladies day out!

These high heels feature secure wide bands across the front of your feet and adjustable ankle straps, making these high heels one of the most comfortable shoes on the market.

Their wedge-like high heels will also guarantee security, and together with their stylish block heels designer brands like designs and colours, you will have no trouble at all finding the perfect pair just for you.


  • Slim Side Profile Style



Are you over the block heeled sandals design and looking for something different? How about slim side profile high heels?

These are just like wearing a block style but have been cut down the middle, which essentially gives your high heels a slim side profile effect.

What’s great about this is, aesthetically, it looks sleek and elegant, but it also has the comfort of a block heel sandals style, bonus!

Feel secure all day long with slim straps across the front of your feet and look stylish in a cool backless design.

These casual shoes are a must for a ladies day out. Pair them with a flowy dress or wide-leg pants!

Affordable High Heels

A bonus to Wildfire’s great casual shoes is affordability; pick up a pair of new mid heel casual shoes today at a great affordable price.

We know how quickly styles come and go, so why pay top dollar? Wildfire has you covered; pick up an affordable pair of new high heels through our heels online store today!

Have We Convinced You To Give These High Heels A Try?

Don’t be fooled. High heels don’t automatically mean stiletto’s; they have evolved into some cool heels shoes designs, far from the dreaded stiletto’s!

So show off a new pair of high heels to your girls for your next ladies day out, and be the next trendsetter amongst the crew.

Jump to our heels online store today and find the perfect heels shoes for your upcoming special events!