5 Things To Look For In The Perfect Formal Shoe

Things To Look For In The Perfect Formal Shoe 

Bring out your wild side with the trendiest formal shoes! The fun crew from Wildfire are here to give you some pointers as we head into the new season. With so many new styles and looks to pick from, we thought it was time to make things a little easier. So, we decided to put together a little list for your convenience.

Here are the top five things to think about next time you shop for formal shoes!

1) Long-lasting comfort

Yes, this is an obvious one. But there are far too many people who pick aesthetics over convenience and looks over comfort. At Wildfire, we do our best to bring customers the best balance of both. However, only you can know the kind of formal shoes that will best suit your feet.

If you rarely wear high heels, for instance, but want to experiment at your next special occasion, then it stands to reason that you should pick a lower style. In this case, kitten heels might be the best pick of formal shoes.

2) Compensate with add-ins

Of course, if you are determined to jump straight to towering stilettos, then there are ways to adjust your formal shoes so they will work despite your lack of experience. You can utilise some add-ins such as half innersole or gel cushions to help guard against foot cramps, and make sure your formal shoes stay on your feet for the entire event.

These are subtle when worn with our formal shoes and nigh impossible to spot. As well as helping amateurs spend a few hours in high heels, these accessories can also ease regular pain and discomfort.

3) Décor

While there is nothing wrong with a plain pair, most people enjoy something a little more glamorous for their formal shoes. A bit of sparkle on a set of formal shoes can look lovely, and match off with any jewellery you wear along with it. In 2018, the decorations to watch out for are diamantes and rhinestones.

At Wildfire, we love seeing these on our slim stilettos. The narrow heel and single band of rhinestones across the toes makes for a sleek and sophisticated look. Diamantes may be a strong presence in current casual wear, but these are still a recognised feature on formal shoes and a way to elevate your look.

4) The material finish

At Wildfire, our formal shoes come with a nice selection of materials for you to peruse. You might appreciate the high-shine patent finish or a soft faux suede on our pumps. Maybe the block heels that catch your eye have a sleek leather-look material. What about a set of stunning stilettos with a sparkly glitter surface?

Having an interesting texture on your formal shoes can instantly inspire some intrigue, so it is a good thing to think about while you browse styles! Plus, it can help lend some balance to a bold makeup look— you could complement the glitter or matte of your eyeshadow or lipstick with a matching pair of formal shoes!

5) The colour

Colour is a big thing to consider with any style, let alone with formal shoes. Plus, this is where you get spoiled for choice! We have lovely natural and tan, bold black, standout silver, rambunctious red, whimsical white, and perfect pink!

At Wildfire, almost all of our formal shoes come in two or more colour variations. Whatever your choice, be sure the colour of your formal shoes balances well with whatever you wear!
And that's that!

We hope you enjoyed this little guide to thinking about formal shoes. Let Wildfire help you bring out your wild side when you shop with us today!