5 Tips For Those New To Walking In High Heels!

Your Guide To Walking In Heels 


No one can deny that walking in high heels is a skill. Some might even say that it’s an art form. Whatever you want to call it, balancing on these propped-up shoes can take time and a lot of practice to perfect.


Here are our top five tips for walking in high heels!


1) Walk properly


There are all sorts of weird tips for moving around in high heels, but it’s best to keep things simple.


When you step, you’ll want to go from heel to toe. Unless you’re going down a flight of stairs, trying to place your high heels flat as you walk will look unnatural and awkward.


Next, move slower than usual and take smaller steps. Trying to rush or overextend leads to rolled ankles, so keep your motions nice and smooth. You’ll look more confident and calm, and you are far less likely to trip.


2) Get the fit right


Buying a cute pair of high heels that aren’t quite your size are always tempting when they’re the last set on the shelf. Try to resist their allure; you’ll save yourself a lot of pain in the long run.


Try out your new high heels the moment they arrive home. Walk around for a little while and get a feel for them. If the back of your high heels slip as you step, the toes pinch, or they are too wide or narrow for your foot, then it’s simple to exchange them!


Just hop online and contact us, and we’ll be able to help you find the proper size.


3) Choose a height that you can handle


When it comes to finding high heels that you can wear comfortably, it’s important to be realistic. Most people can handle up to six or seven centimetres without trouble, but if you’re pushing to wear high heels with twelve-centimetre bases straight away, then things could get messy.


At Wildfire, we have plenty of lower high heels with all the glamour of their taller counterparts. There’s no need to get hung up on height and end up sulking at a special occasion because your feet hurt.


So, take it slow and work your way up to a steeper style.


4) Pick the right point


Stilettos are gorgeous high heels, but, if you’re a beginner, then block-based shoes or wedges might be a better fit. The broader platform on these shoes will distribute your weight evenly, provide you with better balance, and stop cramp-causing pressure from building up in your legs. These should keep you on your feet for longer, and help you walk on uneven surfaces as well.


If you want to try out your first towering set of high heels, then try a chunky base before you go for the skinny ones.


5) Be prepared


Our final tip for wearing high heels is to prepare for the unexpected! If you’re trying out a new pair of high heels that you haven’t had time to break in, then foot care accessories from our Sole Salvation pack will be an excellent pairing. This little purse will fit cards, keys, and cash on a night out, but can also house some of our comfort add-ins. We have gel grips to improve the fit of your high heels and prevent slipping, plasters to cover blisters, and squishy cushions to pad the balls of your feet.


Walk confidently in your next pair!


At Wildfire, we want high heels to make you feel confident and glamorous, not self-conscious because you end up tripping every other step. With these five tips, save yourself time, embarrassment, and potential injuries, and start your journey with high heels today!