5 Ways High Heels Will Elevate Your Wardrobe!

Have you ever had the urge to throw away everything in your wardrobe and invest in a whole new shoe collection? Because we are the same girl! We love treating ourselves to a new pair of pump heels, and we know you would too! 


High heels are a must-have for every shoe collection, so it would be silly not to invest in some new ones every so often. Our main attraction when wearing a pair of high heels is that they can elevate your wardrobe. No matter what outfit style you choose to wear, you can always rely on a set of women's heels to tie it all together. 


The team here at Wildfire store ​know all of the ins and outs when it comes to shopping for high heels, so you are in safe hands. So, if you are looking for a pair of high heels that will elevate your wardrobe, then keep on reading. Wildfire has the perfect pair for you, sis!


1. Block Heels


First up on the menu is our range of block-heeled pumps. These high heels are not your typical style of shoes, but they are the comfier version of a pair of super high heels. The block heels look perfect for girls who love the design of super tall pumps but struggle to wear them throughout the night. 


You can get the same style and design with a set of high block toe heels. These are the perfect alternative for you, babe! The best thing about these high heels is that they come in a wide range of styles and colours, block kitten heels. You will feel spoiled for choice when you go hunting for your next best pair of pumps. 


With such a huge range of styles, designs, and colours on offer, it means that these high block heels mules can elevate your wardrobe for just about every look. There is no better feeling than rocking a pair of these pumps with your hottest new outfit pop design. 


But if you are feeling like wearing something more casual, then this shoe will also tie your look together. Of course, a pair of high block heels will always be the perfect finishing touch to your look, sis! 


2. Stiletto Heels


We're feeling sexy in stilettos! These pumps are a must-have item in every girl's wardrobe. There is nothing better than slipping into your stylish stiletto heels on a day where you need a confidence boost. That is one thing we love about these pumps – they are the ultimate confidence booster!


When you want to feel confident, sophisticated, and super stylish, you can always rely on these bad boys. Stilettos are a classic and timeless shoe design, so it only makes sense that they are needed in your wardrobe. 


A pair of stilettos can go a long way for every girl who decides to wear them. Thanks to their super elegant and stylish design, they are best worn on a night out with friends. You can have the luxury of dressing up in your hottest fit and tie the look together with a pair of stilettos on your feet. 


These pumps are sure to have all eyes on you, girl. If you ever need a confidence boost whilst at work, then you can count on these high heels to help you out too. Stand tall and proud in a meeting or when you are presenting an important presentation. 


You are sure to feel flawless from head to toe with a pair of these high heels on your feet. Reach new heights with these great pumps.


3. Wedges


Are you ready to give your current wardrobe the ultimate twist? If you are nodding your head yes, you are in the right place. Our wedge high heels and mid heels are the perfect options for you if you are looking for a new go-to summer shoe. 


It can feel challenging at times when you try to dress for a special occasion or season, but the team here at Wildfire have got you sorted. Our range of wedge high heels is perfect for a day in the summer sun. These pumps are breathable, stylish, comfortable, and fashionable. 


You get the very best when rocking this favourite pair of high heels on a warm day. These wedge high heels give off the ultimate summer vibes, where you can feel wild and free from morning until night. These shoes are a perfect match ​with a flowy maxi skirt and a cropped tee or a mini dress with plenty of accessories.


You will nail this look as soon as those wedges touch your feet, girl! 


4. Heeled Boots


Every girl needs high heels pair that suit every season, so why not treat yourself to some heeled boots for the cooler months of the year. These high heels are perfect for your everyday wear. 


They keep your feet enclosed, comfortable and warm, so there will be no rain or cold breeze blowing against your feet throughout the day. The selection of heeled boots also comes in various styles, with various height levels available for you to choose from. 


These can get classed as your go-to pair of high heels throughout the winter season. Our current favourite is the thigh-high heeled boots. These high heels give the illusion of subtle and sexy, so you are sure to have all eyes on you. 


5. Platforms 


Do you love to wear all of the latest high heel trends? Well, if you do, then you are in luck! We are always eyeing the latest and greatest styles. You can always rely on a set of platform high heels to tie your look together. 


We love rocking a pair of platform heels with just about any look. They are the perfect pumps to wear to an evening party with the girls or a dinner date with your partner. There is never an occasion where your set of platforms would not look good. So take your wardrobe to the next level by styling a pair of these new arrivals kicks with your latest fit. 


We love trying out new fashion trends, so make these platform shoes your new go-to shoe heels mid shoes and watch how many eyes turn on you, babe!     


Ready to Hit the Refresh Button on Your Shoe Collection?


If you are feeling inspired by our range of high heels, then now is the time to give your footwear collection a refresh. You will love what these pumps can do for your wardrobe, so get your hands on some super stylish high heels today, girl. The Wildfire website is just one click away! 


Put your best foot forward with these unique styles of footwear. Then, shop online at a very low price and continue shopping with us!