5 Ways to Make Flats Look Chic

Currently in fashion and a super-hot, on-trend shoe is the classic flat shoes! These womens flats are making a comeback and we couldn’t be more excited. One of the first things that come to mind when we hear the word ‘flats’ might just instantly take us on a throwback to 2007. But girl, it’s all for the best.


Fashion trends come in and out of style all the time, and ballet flat have chosen the perfect season to make their way back onto the scene. These hush puppies inspired shoes are styled in completely different ways compared to how we girls would usually wear them back in the day.


This is a super exciting feature in the fashion world as we can now make these dress shoes look better than ever! For those who are stuck on how to make bring dress flats back into their lives, do not stress, we’ve got some amazing tips for you! We’ve gathered the five best ways to make pair of flats look chic again. Scroll down and get inspired!


1. The Jewelled-up Flats!


Mixing chic and sophisticated into flats has taken us on a whirlwind of emotions. Adapting to the new trends is a must when it comes to womens sandals, and what better way to do so than by rocking some of the latest flats. Currently, on-trend are the jewelled up and bedazzled flats.


This style has taken inspiration from high-end fashion couture, where Gucci leather ballet flats with a big, gold chain running across the top of the toes, made global fashion headlines. We are not mad about it either. To say the least, we are obsessed, sis!


These womens shoe offer the perfect combo of stylish and chic, making them a go-to shoe for work attire or a fancy event. It adds a touch of femininity to what once was a bland type of animal print shoe that women generally wore as a super casual look.


We love the stylish look of casual flats that is making its way back into fashion. For the warmer months, pair the bedazzled shoes with a cute mini dress for a gorgeous afternoon of bottomless lunch or add to your workwear collection for that super cute, summery look. It’s amazing what a little bling can do to your outfit!


2. Strappy, Self-tie Flats!


Kick off the warmer season with a gorgeous pair of strappy, self-tie flat sandals. These guys are a trend we are absolutely in love with, and we feel like a goddess with every step we take. Girl, you will get this same feeling once you step into some self-tie womens flats online.


With inspiration from the classic ballerina slipper, the self-tie flats wrap around the bottom half of your leg to give off the same effect. These stunning flats online can come in a range of different materials, whether that’s a super-thin rope strap, a ribbon strap or even a suede strap.


Every design is unique in its way and is the ultimate finishing touch to any look. These shoes pair perfectly with a flowy mini skirt as it gives a similar silhouette to that of a ballerina. This look will channel all levels of elegance and chic, and it’s all thanks to the self-tie strappy flats.


They truly are a gem, and we are super keen to see how they style them footbed sandals during the warmer months. The fun thing about these shoes is that they look great in just about every colour. They’re a standout shoe and need to have their time to shine.


3. Pointed-toe Flats!


Are you looking for the ultimate style and comfort of flat that gives off pure chic vibes? Well, look no further as the pointed-toe shoes are here to stay! Pointed toe shoes are a stunning addition to any fashion ensemble, but pointed-toe flats, now that’s a game-changer!


You won’t have to worry about feeling any discomfort in your feet or trying to walk around in high heels anymore, now that we have pointed-toe flats back in action. The main thing we adore about pointed-toe flats is that no matter what outfit you pair them with, it will instantly give your look the level up you didn’t know it needed.


These shoes offer a type of sophistication that flats generally don’t portray. It’s high heels without the heel. This look will have all eyes on you and, compliments will be rushing in left, right and centre. Whether it’s a special event or a date night with your hubby, these stylish shoes will turn your look into a solid ten.


These shoes are perfect if you are short on time and need a chic-looking shoe to tie your outfit together. Taking you straight from the office to cocktails at dinner, what more could you want in a shoe? Pointed-toe flats will become your go-to shoe in an instant, girl!


4. Open-toed Shoes Are Perfect For Summer!


Open-toed flats are what some may call sandals or slides. These shoes have a variety of styles on offer, so you are bound to have a blast! Open-toed shoes are perfect for the summer weather as they are easy to wear with the slip-on, slip-off feature.


Open-toed flats are either backless or strappy, which is great for when you can’t decide on what style you want to wear. We believe open-toed flats are best paired with a gorgeous maxi dress or matched with a mini skirt and cute crop.


These shoes can complement your outfit rather than be the standout feature, so it’s best to pair them with clothes that blend well together. We know you will love this style of shoe, babe!


5. Flats With A Bit Of A Heel!


Try out something new and style your look to match flats with a heel. This shoe style is a game-changer for every girl’s shoe collection, and we know exactly how you can style it to give your look that ultimate chic vibe.


Heeled flats offer a little boost of height without compromising the comfort element that these shoes provide. Seeing as they can give you a boost, it allows you to pair them with 3/4 pants, a cute bodysuit, and a gorgeous blazer.


This look is literally goals! Similar to the Parisian, chic vibe that we all admire, you will be flaunting your very best flats with this stunning get-up. Heeled flats are also a great addition to more dressy outfits, such as those you would find yourself wearing to a formal lunch or special event.


If you are an advocate for comfort over style, then heeled pair of flats will be perfect for you. They will add to your stylish look without forcing you to experience sore feet that you usually find with high heels. It’s exactly the look we envision for you, girl!    


All Worn Out?


When you buy womens flats online are super easy to pair with just about any outfit and can ensure you look chic the entire time. Channel your inner fashion goddess and venture out into the world of flats. They won’t disappoint. If you love what you see, head on over to the Wildfire website and discover some gorgeous styles of flats!