5 Ways To Nurse Your Feet Back To Life After Wearing Heels All Day

As much as all women love wearing a pair of high heels, it can also be a painful task. Whether you wear high leather heels to work daily, or have had event after event and have been stuck in your sky-high stilettos weekend after weekend. 

The reality is after continuous wear of your favourite heel shoes, they can become uncomfortable and can sometimes even wreak havoc on your feet. After several consecutive days in your high heel sandal, the foot pain is certainly lingering. 

So here is our guide to tackling everything from soreness to blisters. We’re sure you’d like to strap those black leather heels back on sooner rather than later, so take our word for it when we’re dishing out advice on shoes, shoe care,  and your feet!

We know better than anyone just how uncomfortable shoes like jane debster heels can be after being on your feet all day long, So, we are here to show you our top tips to nurse your feet back to life after wearing womens heels all day.

Treat Blisters As Soon As Possible!


First off, if you have a blister, then that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible! Open wounds need immediate attention, so be sure to whip out some disinfectant before sealing it up with a bandage.

Although it can be tempting, do not, we repeat, do not pop a blister, please resist the temptation! It's incredibly important that you allow blisters to run their course without popping them. 

As much as it seems like it needs to be done, the liquid bubble that grows is actually the bodies way of producing a natural bandage to keep the skin underneath clean. It may be tempting, but try your absolute best to let your blisters be!

However if the occasion arises when a blister has opened or popped on its own, then here are some steps that we recommend you follow to keep the wound clean and able to heal quickly:

  1. Gently wash the area with clean water. Do not use alcohol or any other cleaner
  2. Do not remove the flap of skin over the blister unless it's very dirty or town and there is pus underneath it. Gently smooth the flap over the tender skin
  3. Apply a think layer of Vaseline and then pop a non-stick bandage over the top
  4. Change the bandage once a day or anytime it gets wet or dirty
  5. At night, remove the bandage to allow the area to breathe

Peep toe heels may have you feeling feminine and sexy, however, they can leave your feet feeling a little worse for wear. The next time a blister arises, follow our tips and get your feet back on track as quickly as possible!

Soak Your Feet


When your feet are feeling a little worse for wear after wearing high platform heel, then have some time to yourself and soak those tootsies! Fill a tub with some hot water and allow your feet to sit in there for a little while, this will relax your arches and muscles and will have you feeling relaxed in no time at all!

For a little extra relaxation, then take it one step further and add a few drops of essential oils into the tub for an additional relaxation boost! Add a few drops of peppermint, not only will it have your feet smelling fresh, but the herb is also well known for its alleviating properties, which will help relieve any pain.

Give Your Feet A Salt Soak!


If you do have one or more blisters, then add some salt to the water for a salt-water soak, this will take any bacteria out of the wound. You can do this from the comfort of your own home, just by adding 1 teaspoon of salt to 1 cup of warm water.

Go Barefoot


You’ve done the damage now, so the best thing you can do is walk around without stiletto heels. Walk barefoot and allow your feet to heal! Seriously, cancel your plans and take the weekend to spend it entirely at home!

Kick your heel height shoes off and walk around the house barefoot, that’s right, all-natural! It's best to allow bruised, swollen and blistered feet untouched. So do yourself a favour and allow your feet to heal properly.

However, if you do have to put some heeled boots on, then the best thing you can do is throw on some comfy flat boots or slippers!

Wear Comfortable Flats


Now that the weekend is over and you have to leave the house, it’s not the most practical or functional footwear to wear, is it!

Yes, it's time to leave those surf sandals by the door, but before you run off and pop your block heels back on, think again! You’ll need to opt for a pair of comfortable casual shoes instead of your nine west heels. Allow your feet to fully heal before you pop some nude leather heels back on!

If you’re ready to venture out of the house, then you will need to find your most comfortable flats, even if they don’t quite ‘go’ with your outfit! The key here is to choose a style of womens shoe that have as little contact with your skin as possible.

Patience Is Key


All you can do now is wait! Being patient is the most challenging part of this whole process, especially when you have places to be and fabulous premium leather heels to wear! However, if you jump the gun and throw on your favorite pair of white heels before you’ve allowed your feet or any blisters to properly heal, you are only going to create more problems for yourself. 


Take It Easy!


Don’t put your white leather heels on just yet, just allow most of your blisters to heal and wait until you are no longer feeling any pains in your feet before putting on another pair of heels whether low heel, kitten heel, or mule heels. 

If you suffering from sore feet and blisters from wearing high toe heels all weekend long, then do yourself a favour and follow our top five tips to nursing your feet back to life after wearing black leather casual boots shoes all day long. 

Remember, treat blisters quickly, soak your feet, walk barefoot, wear comfortable dress shoes and allow time for your feet to heal. By following these tips, you’ll be wearing high heels again sooner than you thought!