5 Ways to Transform Your Outfit Using Heels

Do you pore over magazines, fashion blogs, and vlogs, dreaming of how you can also spice up your OOTDs with heels? You are not alone. At some point, we have all envisioned ourselves strutting down the street like runway models in heels. 


Your chosen pair can complete an outfit, enhance your entire appearance, improve your posture, and boost your confidence. With Wildfire's variety of heels available, you will never run out of options. These are mid heels, square toe heels, open toe heels, stiletto heels, platform heels, court heels, and heel mules. 


These women's heels have high heels and low heels. In addition, they have different styles and shapes. 

Wildfire Heels for Every Outfit Imaginable 


Browsing through Wildfire's collection of stunning heels is like going through a rabbit hole you never want to leave. Our assortment of heels can satisfy all kinds of looks you want to achieve. What is a comfortable heel height? 


Heels below 3 inches, or around 7cm, will be the most comfortable, as they don't put as much strain on your toes and the ball of your foot. This also gives support to your legs. So whether you are looking for a block, high, stiletto, low, or bridal, Wildfire has it all for you. 


Nothing is more fun than feeling and looking terrific in a pair of heels. 



1. Block 


Our block heels are so versatile that you can wear them while working all day and going out to a party at night. In addition, its thick platform supports your feet better by spreading your weight evenly and reducing pressure. 


These brands are an excellent choice for every woman, especially in Australia. During warmer months, these women's heels are trendy. Our block heels come in different colours like black, tan, white, and clear, which you can coordinate with your outfits, depending on the situation. 

Block heels look excellent with different dress styles, casual skirts, and skinny jeans. Gretchen Wildfire's mule block heels will leave you feeling like Cinderella with her glass slippers. It will be the ideal party pair for you because of its broad base and cute appearance. 


2. High 


Women need at least one pair of high heels in their closets, even if they don't wear them daily. Yes, wearing them can be a pain, but did you know this kind offers benefits such as confidence and empowerment? Plus, wearing them improves your physique, posture, and leg muscles.


Like stiletto heels, these pointed heels is all time favourite pair of every woman, ideal for around-the-clock wear or formal attire for that upcoming special occasion. Wildfire offers an impressive high-heel collection that you can pair with dresses, pants, jumpsuits, or any sophisticated attire.


 Impress is an exclusive online pair that will dazzle you with its rhinestone-adorned straps, which will securely stay on thanks to the back ankle zip. 


3. Stiletto 


Pointy, narrow heels are a defining characteristic of stilettos. Wearing a pair with your cocktail attire or even leggings will have you going out there and making a statement. Walking in one will merit a second, or even a third, look from an envious crowd. 


You will be amazed by the selection of stylish stiletto heels available from Wildfire. How can you limit yourself from buying only one pair when there are tens more you can get? You might want to check out the Foxtrot, a stylish pair of pink stiletto heels with diamond accents that are excellent for dancing. 


4. Low 


We must admit that block heels, high heels, and stilettos are not for everyone. Even models, who wear high heels all the time, need a break from wearing them and prefer to go low. Wildfire's selection is the perfect alternative as you maintain style and class, minus the height. Win-win, right? 


Platform shoes with platform heels are ideal for older women because it supports to balance of the legs and foot while walking. Our styles, like short mules and kittens, don't have steep inclines, saving you from muscle strain.


Kitten heels are perfect for slip dresses, pantsuits, office wear, and denim jeans, while short mules go well with summer dresses and midi skirts. Platform Heels,  Sneakers,  Flats,  Sandals,  Wedges,  Espadrilles, and heel Mules are also perfect for any outfit.


We have a couple of pairs tagged as Emilee Hembrow Edits, limited edition, and online exclusive over at our website. In addition, you may want to check out these unique, comfortable, and stylish low heels. 


5. Bridal 


Last, but far from being the least, are bridal heels. The bride's walk down the aisle is momentous. With everyone looking at you from head to toe, we want you to shine on your special day, wearing a pair of heels that will constantly remind you of that unforgettable occasion. 


Put your best foot forward and browse through Famous Footwear's online store today, and we're sure you won't be disappointed. Wildfire wants you to feel comfortable the whole day and offers a selection with varying heights, from 7 to 11 cm. 


Unfortunately, some alternatives, such as Hitched, Brooklyn, Astonish, Impress, Manhattan, and Tango, are only accessible online. Our selection of bridal heels comes in an assortment of colours because not all wedding footwear must be white or even ivory. 


Instead, more brides are choosing to wear brighter, more distinctive heels that complement their style beyond their wedding day. 


Unsure of your shoe size? 


Do you need assistance in determining your ideal shoe size? We understand that there's hesitation in buying online because of sizing issues. Our available Size Guide will help ease your worries away.  


Our easy-to-read guide allows you to compare Wildfire heels sizes to that of the UK, the US, and the EU so you can make an informed decision. We know that our customers use different sizing metrics, so we made it simple for you to find the Wildfire equivalent.  


There is no need to worry because we have answers to every issue you can imagine. However, please be aware that our size guide serves as a reference, and if still in doubt, it would be best to get the next size up. 


Now, it's to choose from a wide range of styles, like stiletto heels, block heels, platform heels, mid heels, low heels, square toe heels, open toe heels, heel mules, and platform shoes, ideal for around-the-clock wear or formal attire for that upcoming special occasion.


Are you convinced yet? 


We've enumerated different Wildfire options you can add to your growing collection. With all these different styles available, you will never have to worry about having an OOTD crisis again. Trust us, girl! You will want more than one pair in your wardrobe as soon as possible! 


The Boots are also a perfect match for any dress. Our new season of women's heels will add towering style to every look. So what are you waiting for? Choose a wide range of your favourite pair of mid heels, square toe heels, open toe heels, court heels, heel mules, and toe heels that looks elegant on your feet.


Additionally, you won't have to worry about how you'll afford all that gorgeous footwear; you'll be able to call it your own. 

First, our collections are all reasonably priced to start. Second, you have the choice to purchase now and pay later, thanks to Wildfire's flexible payment options like Afterpay and Zip. 


Finally, shopping online gives more discount prices for every brand you shop for.


It's now time to get your pair(s)! 


These brands of women's heels are available worldwide, especially in Australia. Any shop in Australia has a new collection of these women's heels. Head to Wildfire's online shop or the stockist nearest you to get your perfect pair. 


Why choose to remain drab when you can look fab? Any woman's heels, either high or low, can shop online. Shopping online is very easy by using clear filters. It will help you to choose all styles, colours, high heels, heel height, and even new heights. The price is very affordable. However, the price is not too high.


Shop now! Visit your nearest store, and more sales are coming. Wear your heels like a second skin, strut like a runway model down your street, and take hundreds of OOTD snapshots.


Please continue shopping with us and Enjoy shopping!