5 Ways To Wear Heels Without Looking Overdressed!

How To Stylishly Wear Heels


Do you love the look of casual wear and block heels, but worry about overdressing? Forget the stress— Wildfire has five top tips and trick to help you pull it off!


1) Wear denim


One thing most people will agree on is that denim clothes, gorgeous as they are, don’t cut it as formal wear. At least, not unless you’re buying from a top-end label. That means denim skirts, shorts, overalls, or your cosiest jeans could be the perfect thing to match with your block heels.


Pumps and kitten-style stilettos have hit it off as weekend wear this season, especially with three-quarter jackets. It should be no mystery why block heels are stealing their way into everyday denim outfits as well; you get the same relaxed but stylish fit of other elevated shoes, but with all the comfort and support you need to look and feel great for longer. Our go-to for block heels on warmer weekends are skirts, but you could have fun experimenting with trendy overalls too!


So, why not?


2) Try oversized clothes


As a general rule, your clothes set the overall tone for your outfit. No matter how formal and fancy your block heels are, it’s going to be fairly apparent that you’re keeping thing casual when you head outside in a slouchy shirt and puffy track pants.


The oversized look is an easy one to pull off in Autumn and Winter, but the right cropped jumper or lightweight spray jacket would do fine in the hotter months. What we love best about this look at Wildfire is the comfort. In your snuggest ensemble, our block heels will add to your experience in all the right ways.


Plus, these block heels should stop you from looking like you walked out of the house in your pyjamas— even if you did!


3)Short styles


Typically, the taller your block heels are, the more formal they seem. It’s the reason high platforms will never go out of fashion at weddings or work functions, and it’s an easy rule to exploit for your styling flexibility. If you want to wear block heels but don’t want to overdo it, then our mid-range designs would be a marvellous match!


One of our most popular options in 2019 is our mules. These backless block heels come with wide top bands and see-through straps, which combines two of our favourite trends. They’d make a fun party pair, but we love seeing mule-style block heels out for lunch dates or at get-togethers with the girls!


4) Go all-natural


Nude-toned block heels are perfect for casual wear. While black styles are also easy to pair with bold prints and bright colours, shoes in a natural shade look lighter and tend to be more subtle. Since they can blend in with certain skin tones, your block heels will look like they’re barely there!


This season, you might find our strappy block heels are the ones to fit. The real struggle will be figuring out whether you want a self-tie design or one with buckles, but that’s purely personal preference.


5) Play around with textures


This tip will apply namely to our espadrilles, but an eye-catching material can help you dress down a nice pair of block heels. The rough twine-look of our espadrille wedges bring bohemian vibes and a relaxed feel to any outfit. Otherwise, our classic block heels with faux suede finishes are another thing to consider.


Have we convinced you?


Adding block heels into your everyday wardrobe will be easy when you follow these five Wildfire tips. Jump online for a look at all of your options! Our fabulous range is only a click or two away, so, why wait?