A Different Heel Type For Every Type Of Woman!

Who is ready for a new pair of heels? If it’s time to freshen up your 2020 wardrobe with something exciting and new, then you’ve come to the right place for your next pair! Wildfire has an enormous collection of classic, trendy, and cute heels for you. We promise that you’ll be spoiled for choice, no matter what sort of type you want or what kind of aesthetic you favour. Now, sit back, and go through the little list of heels we have below at your leisure. Once you’ve finished reading, you should have spotted at least one design that appeals to your style. 

We’ve got hot new heels for office workers! 


It’s difficult to not get bored with your corporate shoes when you wear the same thing to your workplace every week. After a while, stepping out in the same pair of heels with an identical outfit gets old fast, no matter how comfortable or not they’ve become. Wildfire offers a simple solution: buy yourself a brand new pair of office heels that offer more versatility. For instance, if you grab some of our cute mules with crocodile texture in 2020, then you’ll open your wardrobe up to all sorts of fashionable possibilities. Synthetic crocodile skin patterns are a must-have this season because they add a fun and interesting element to your ensemble. On days when you want to be more daring with your fashion choices, you can swap out your conventional office pumps for crocodile heels. 

Do you love the idea of shoes you can customize for the best comfort? 


If so, our self-tie heels need to go into your shopping cart as soon as possible! These lovely styles get made with a soft faux suede finish, and that extra texture lifts your look to a whole different level. Since you can tie the laces as high or low up your legs as you want, self-tie heels are extremely versatile. You can wear them out to dinner one night with jeans and a pretty blouse, and simply lace them low at your ankles. Then, the next time you have an event, you can loop the laces up your calves so they pair better with a party dress or playsuit. As such, they’re the perfect heels for ladies who like having power over the tiniest details of their outfit. 

Are you more interested in heels with a quick and convenient fit?


Lace-up heels are an outstanding choice for women's shoes who want to take their time to get their shoes looking right. However, our top pick for ladies who are always on-the-go (and need footwear that can keep up) are mules. Since these heels are open-backed, it takes less than a second to slip them onto your feet. If you like a condensed morning routine that allows you to sneak in a few extra minutes of sleep, then mules will facilitate a quick transition once you are ready to get out of the door. 

Do you want heels that can make a bold statement?


Any of our block-heeled boots would be a great pick for you this season. Our mid-high ruched boots are a favourite at the moment because the material detail and tall platform make your legs look amazing. However, if you want heels that can turn heads, then our over-the-knee boots are the type to choose. Our most popular version comes in black faux suede. There are so many different ways you could style these thigh-high heels, and we know you’ll love experimenting with other styles of footwear in 2020

Can you see yourself wearing any of these heels?


Wildfire has even more heels waiting for you online— have a look today!