Affordable Wedding Shoes That Can Stand Up to the Task!

If your big day is approaching and you have not found the right footwear to wear yet, do not fear. The team here at Wildfire have got your wedding shoes sorted! So whether it is your special day or you are a part of the bridal party, you will find the perfect kicks right here with us. The best thing about our range of wedding shoes is that they are super affordable. 


You can find beautiful and comfortable wedding shoes for half the price. Trust us, and these wedding shoes are sure to stand up to the task. So if you need a new pair of pumps for the big day, then keep on reading. We have selected a range of styles that are sure to suit your budget and style. Woo hoo! 


Style 1 – Slides


Check out our range of slides. These are the perfect set of wedding shoes that any girl could ask for. Slides are super comfortable, versatile, and wearable from morning until night. We love how comfortable these wedding shoes look and feel on your feet. There is nothing better than attending the big day with the perfect pair of kicks by your side. 


If the special day is super casual and relaxed, then a set of slides is the way to go. These can feature a flat sole or platform base, perfect for girls who love a little height boost. There are plenty of colours and designs that these shoes come in. 


The wedding will not be complete without the perfect pair of shoes on everyone's feet. That is why our range of slides is sure to tick all the right boxes, girl! 

If you want to order it online now, we offer free shipping on orders over $50. So get yours now for a modern bride like you.

In addition, we ship our shoes internationally. So if you live in the United Kingdom, shop with us!


Style 2 – Block Heels


Get your hands on a pair of block heels this season. You will fall in love with what a set of these kicks can do for your look. 


Block heels are the ultimate pair of bridal shoes ​for every girl. You will find that these are super comfortable, stylish, and wearable from morning until night. There is nothing better than rocking a perfect pair of wedding shoes for the big day.


Blocked-heeled sandals are among the most comfortable wedding shoes. This pleated pair epitomises romance with your wedding gown and will beautifully punctuate cocktail dresses after that.


We love what a set of block heels can do for your next look. These shoes are the ultimate set of low heels paired with any of your chosen wedding dresses. So whether it is the bride or bridesmaid dress, you can trust that a pair of block heels will complete your fit. 


Why not try out TESS for your next pair of bridal heels and bridesmaid shoes. These are sure to make all eyes turn to you, sis! So get these bridal shoes online at an affordable price.


Style 3 – Wedges


Give comfort a whole new definition with our range of wedges! These are the perfect pair of wedding shoes that every girl needs in her life ASAP. We love how stylish and comfortable a set of wedges can be. That is why they are our favourite styles of wedding shoes to wear. You can do so much when you wear a set of wedges on your feet. 


If you have a lengthy skirt on your wedding dress, then you will love what a pair of these shoes can do for you. Wedges offer a thick and levelled sole, perfect for your balance. In addition, you can avoid injuries on the big day in a pair of wedges. You can trust these new collections of wedding shoes will keep you protected all day long. 


There is even an ankle strap, so your feet will never escape the bridal heels. You will love these pumps, girl! 


With these beautiful shoes on your feet, you can head on to your engagement party or wedding party and rock the dance floor with your wedding guests.


Style 4 – Stilettos


Do you love to be the star of the show? Our range of stilettos will take you there with ease. We could not recommend a pair of stilettos any more than we already do. These wedding shoes are going to ensure that all eyes are on you. The best thing about rocking a pair of stilettos is that you can feel like a boss babe on your wedding day. 


Stilettos are the ultimate pair of wedding shoes because they come in a wide range of styles and designs. For example, you can find the perfect pair of stilettos in a subtle nude colour, or you could find a set of these pumps in bright and luminous colours. The variety of options can allow you to find the perfect pair of wedding shoes for you. 


Stilettos are sometimes hard to walk in, so we recommend investing in heel accessories for extra comfort. No one wants a bride to fall over down the aisle now, do they?! 


Style 5 – Platform Sandals


Do you have a laidback event coming up? Why not rock a pair of platform sandals for the big day! 


You will find that these kicks are one of the most comfortable pairs of wedding heels in the fashion industry. The best thing about platform sandals is that they offer a unique and stylish look for you to show off on the big day. These wedding shoe pairs fit perfectly with a maxi or mini dresses. 


Whichever style you choose, you can trust that your pair of platform sandals are the wedding shoes for you. Platform sandals are super easy to wear and can get styled with every outfit. The best thing about these wedding shoes is that you can wear them multiple times after the big day. So switch up your old Bella belle pairs with this new style of heels.


Whether it is a brunch with the girls or an afternoon swim at the beach, you can trust your platform sandals to take you there in style! Once your order from our shop, you will have shipping options that will surely benefit you!




If your big day is going to be jam-packed full of walking, dancing, and socialising, then you will need a pair of bridal accessories for your wedding shoes. There is no better feeling than the one you get with a set of accessories in your life. These are a must-have for any pair of kicks that you wear. 


We recommend investing in some half-gel innersoles for your next pair of heels. You will find that these instantly add a layer of comfort to your feet. We know how necessary the feeling of comfort is for your big day. You will fall in love with what our footwear accessories can do for your feet. 


Treat yourself to some extra comfort today, girl! 


Are You Head Over Heels in Love With Our Range of Wedding Shoes?


We had a feeling you might, babe! This tip is your sign to get your new favourite pair of pumps right here with us. So head to the Wildfire website today, and rock your latest pair from our collection of bridal shoes!

You will not regret this purchase. Instead, enjoy shoes that are lower than others' regular prices. Need more styling advice? Come to us!