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Planning for your big day is a tedious process—research, meetings, tastings, fitting, and organising—and some brides run out of energy for their wedding shoes. Some would toss it at the end of the list, giving footwear the least priority. 


However, provide your wedding shoes with equal importance as the dress because the bride's comfort and vibe depend significantly on them.


You'll fondly look back on that day over the years and don't want to mar the memory with unpleasant feelings of pain, discomfort, and regret that someone’s bridesmaid shoes are better than your bridal footwear. 


You don't want to look at the photos and regret not setting aside time to pore through magazines and bridal shops for various kinds of wedding and bridal shoes online.


The selections include traditional and modern styles for the modern bride, adding colour and joy to the theme and bridal party. Wildfire wedding shoes fit any choice. 


There are no right or wrong beautiful shoes for the bride because you are the star, and whatever you decide is acceptable. Let's compare our choices so you can determine which one is best.


Remember, the sooner you decide what to wear, the more time you have to break them in, feel comfortable, and practise walking in them to make your foot feel well-crafted. 


Our team from Wildfire will walk you through the usual questions that brides have, which might be your concern, too. If you're ready, let's start!


Should I choose closed or open-toe shoes?


Formal occasions used to consider closed-toe wedding bridal shoes more appropriate than open-toe, but it's not much of an issue now. Brides choose which one to wear depending on the weather and temperature. 


Those getting married in cooler months or climates opt for closed-toe shoes, while those scheduled during warm seasons go for open-toes.

More than the temperature, give higher points for your all-day comfort. 


If you've always been an open-toe girl, get those comfortable wedding bridal shoes—a perfect pair for your wedding dress, and vice versa. But please remember to schedule a pedicure appointment if you choose open toes. 


Wildfire's closed-toe heel collection is timeless, gorgeous, and elegant! Browse through and find out which wedding shoes you can wear to the engagement party. 


You might notice that most have pointy toes, which can rub you in some places and cause discomfort. However, consider using toe caps or protectors that cushion your toes.


Which heel height should I go for?


The more traditional view on heel height shows a preference for shoes with high heels. Women used to endure stilettos for hours because that style was acceptable. 


Thankfully, those days are gone. There's more freedom to choose the height of the shoe, whether for comfort or the groom's height.


It's your call if you want to wear high heels, low heels, or even flats. If you choose those with heels, we suggest you go for block heels. These shoes are the best for providing height without the hassle. 


The thick, broad heel offers stability, which is best for outdoor venues because you won't get stuck in soil, sand, or pavement cracks.


Imagine getting caught in your stilettos while walking down the aisle. Or breaking your heels while dancing?


More importantly, block heels are famous for their comfort. It will distribute your weight evenly, so the load isn't in one area, which allows you to match the vibe no matter what! 


Without pushing the pressure on one point of your feet, you can focus on the programme of your big day and have the best time in the world!


High-heeled wedding shoes are typically taller than 7.5cm, while low heels range between 2.5-5.5cm. You must bring them when you try on your dress for the last fitting so they can adjust the hem based on the height of the footwear.


Is it acceptable to wear coloured wedding shoes?


This question has come up countless times, especially since tradition dictates that brides wear white. Fashion has evolved, and now, coloured styles are acceptable.


When you check out Wildfire's collection of bridal heels, you'll discover thirteen colours: black, blue, brown, clear, gold, green, natural, pink, purple, silver, tan, vanilla, and white. 


So, these choices indicate that the clamour for coloured wedding shoes is high. And if you know about the "something blue, something borrowed, and something new" traditions that brides should wear on their big day, some choose to wear them in blue.


While you don't need to choose blue, find the colour that will fit your taste and theme. Why not arrange to have a common theme with your bridal party? 


Coordinating comfortable wedding shoes with people dear to you would be fun. Turn your shoe-shopping task into a bonding activity with everyone else.


Is it OK to wear them after the big day?


Past brides stored their bridal shoes with their dresses after the wedding day. They take it out occasionally to check, try it on, and see if it still fits. But wouldn't that waste the beauty of the footwear?


Something as valuable as your bridal shoes deserves exposure. It would be a waste to keep them hidden when they deserve admiration. 


And wouldn't you like to remember the sparkle of the moments of your wedding day every time you use them for other events?


The incredible things about shopping for comfortable wedding shoes at Wildfire are the quality, versatility, style, and affordability that make you feel special. 


You get your money's worth from buying the footwear, and more importantly, you enjoy your momentous occasion without a glitch.


Friendly Reminders


Ultimately, choose the most comfortable bridal heels that are just the perfect fit for your wedding gown, the ceremony, and you. You don't have to please anyone, not a single wedding guest, with what you are wearing because it's your special day.


Don’t be afraid to wear the most comfortable wedding shoes. Do what makes you feel happy, and if your shoes aren't the usual kind, it means you're unique and no one can copy you. You may even inspire future women to follow suit.


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