Ankle Boots Are The Perfect Winter Fashion Accessory

Searching for the best fashion accessory this season? Look no further than Wildfire’s winter boots! Our gorgeous ankle-high shoes will add the finishing touch to any outfit! 


Pull-on winter boots are easy everyday styles! 

Aren’t our leather-look styles cute? Pull-on winter boots are some of our most popular picks this year. You’ll get to enjoy a cosy fit thanks to the elasticized panels, and getting them on and off is easy since they have a sneaky zipper on the back. The major highlight of our flat winter boots has to be the versatility. You will have no trouble matching these chic black shoes with your cold-weather outfits. Whether your wardrobe is full of bright colours, pastels, earthy tones, or monochrome clothes, these trendy winter boots have got you sorted. 


Take your pull-on shoes up a notch with block heels! 

While our flat-soled winter boots are a top choice in 2020, you can’t deny that they look cute with stacked block heels too! Our heeled versions are cut slightly higher to create the illusion of slimmer ankles. And, like the flat type, these pull-on winter boots have zippers on the back for a faster fit onto your feet. Grab the block-heeled version this year, and you’ll be able to wear your favourite style to all of your formal events and special occasions! 


Our slim sock booties could be your ideal pick!

Anyone who likes faux suede should give sock-style winter boots a go! These slim-fitting shoes have taken 2020 by storm, and it is easy to see why! Their smooth shape, rounded toes, and soft material make for winter boots with a stylish and suave aesthetic. Not only that, but these sock booties pair beautifully with all sorts of clothes, including long pants. 


Matching regular winter boots with long dress pants or jeans can be tricky or lead to awkward bunching around the ankle, but never with sock styles! You can forget about cold legs and feet with sock booties too because the elasticized sock keeps cold air out and the material close to your skin.  


Is your wardrobe ready for some ruched material?

Form-fitting styles aren’t for everyone, which is why Wildfire has a fantastic alternative to sock styles. If you adore faux suede material but aren’t sure about having slim ankle socks on your shoes, then our ruched winter boots are the better choice. You’ll find the fit of these ankle-high shoes more forgiving than booties, but just as flattering to your calves and ankles. After all, the combination of tall block heels and relaxed material on these winter boots creates a pretty profile for your legs. In terms of styling, faux suede shoes pair up well with skinny jeans and your cosiest knitwear. We also think teddy coats make a cute coupling with ruched winter boots. 


What about winter boots that are a bit longer?

Ankle-high styles are undoubtedly some of our most sensational styles, but we’ve also got awesome over-the-knee shoes. Thigh-high shoes are elegant, bold, and can keep your legs toasty and warm too! So, once you’ve selected the type of ankle-high winter boots that you want this season, take some time to look at our over-the-knee shoes too. With prices as low as ours, you can afford to treat yourself to a thigh-high pair as well. Plus, then you will have your pick of two versatile winter boots! 


So, what do you think?

Are you ready to take home Wildfire’s trendiest winter boots? We’ve given you a taste of our best designs today, but you’ll need to browse our online collection to see if they jump out at you!