Are Block Heels Still On Trend?

Are block heels still on-trend in 2020? The short answer is yes! Block heels are still as stylish as they’ve always been throughout the years. But, if you want the long answer to that question, then you’re going to need to stick around for a while until we’ve explained the reasons why in detail. Grab a snack, get comfortable, and keep reading. We’ll tell you exactly why block heels are still on-trend in 2020, and probably will be forever. Who’s ready to find out the full story? Let’s get to it!

Block heels are a comfortable and supportive choice


When it comes to tall platforms, stilettos don’t have the best track record with long-lasting comfort. It takes real skill and training to spend more than a few hours in sky-high pumps, which is why most ladies prefer block heels. These wide-based styles are ones you can place your trust in because they offer the best balance, also put the least strain on your muscles, and they’re easy to take outdoors. No matter how experienced you are with wearing these types of shoes, block heels are always going to be the most accessible and wearer-friendly. What’s not to love about that?

Formal clothes and block heels are a ready-made match


Some people seem to think that stilettos are the only shoes you can wear to formal occasions. Well, those people are wrong. Block heels continue to be the best choice to wear out to events like weddings, parties, work functions, and other shindigs. As we mentioned before, the broad base keeps you cosy for ages and ages. Then, there’s also the fact that they are just as glamorous and chic as our stilettos. Apart from the width of the platform, most of our block heels are identical to our stilettos, so you don’t have to compromise style for practicality at any point. You will find it effortlessly easy to pair up these bold shoes with dresses, jumpsuits, skirts, and other formal outfits. You don’t have to worry about the thick soles looking too heavy underneath flowing or sheer material either; grab block heels in a beige or natural shade, and you immediately take the weight out of it. 

We have styles for every season, so you can wear yours at any time of the year! 


There is never a wrong season for classy cocktail shoes and timeless block heels. These trans-seasonal styles can come out to play at any point, depending on what event you want them to attend. However, we also offer popular seasonal block heels, such as our boots. Wildfire has everything from ankle-high to thigh-high, so you’re spoiled for choice in winter and autumn! Bold block heels from this range will help you keep warm when you choose to wear summery outfits to parties. 

Wildfire is always looking for the latest new trends


If you’re new to shopping with us, then you should know that we are always ready to bring the newest styles to our customers. While we keep classic block heels stocked at all times, we also make keeping up with the year’s top trends affordable and oh-so-easy. Take a look at our collection, and you will quickly discover what we mean. When animal print was dominating the shelves last season, Wildfire brought in block heels with leopard print and snakeskin. This season, we’ve made the switch to include crocodile texture on our mules and introduced other trending features to a few of our favourite looks. So, you won’t ever have to worry about buying tired old block heels from Wildfire! 

Have we convinced you yet? 


Block heels are so dynamic that they’ll never go out of style! Treat yourself to a new Wildfire pair in 2020.