Are Kitten Heels the Low Heels This Season?

You came to the right place because Wildfire has a low-heeled collection that answers your fervent wish. Low-heeled shoes stand between 2.5 and 5.5 cm, which is a comfortable height too!


Are you getting tired of wearing the same footwear every day? Since your workplace is strict with the dress code requirements, you must be wearing heeled footwear most of the time, and your feet are protesting from the pain. So now you’re looking for footwear appropriate for the workplace with a cute factor to make you feel great each day. 


Your timing’s perfect because a specific style is trending, combining fashion and function: the kitten heel. This footwear emerged decades ago when young girls who couldn’t walk in high-heeled shoes turned to this divine style to see them through. 


Much like block heels, What started as training footwear became a fashion staple when famous icons started wearing them daily.


Let’s get to know these low-heeled shoes better with the help of the Wildfire team, explaining their benefits and styling tips. If you’re ready, let’s do it!


The Huge Benefits of Something So Little


If your feet are killing you from the pain, it’s time to heed their call and retire your steep pairs for something closer to the ground. Practicality-wise, low heels add enough height for petite women without going too extreme for those naturally tall. 


Not only are kitten shoes aesthetically attractive, but they are also safer for your feet. It minimises strain and potential injuries to your overworked feet.


Lower heeled footwear does not pose risks to the wearer compared to their taller counterparts, especially since you don’t always know what kind of terrain you’ll be walking on that day. 


This pair is ideal for elongating the legs while avoiding the instability that usually comes with wearing high-heels.


Best Styles to Get 


Some women are not open to wearing kitten shoes. This is because of their reputation. This style of is typically associated with older people. 


Therefore, younger ones avoid them at all costs. However, mindsets are changing. This is because of the trending versions.


Gone are the matronly styles, as these are now more modern and updated with their strappy, pointed-toe, brightly coloured, metallic, and embellished versions. More manufacturers and designers are adding a variety of kitten heeled shoes to their collection. 


Here are some options:


  • Pumps


Kitten heel pointed pumps are low heels for special occasions if you want a more conservative finish. Most women prefer them for the office.


  • Slingback


This footwear simulates pumps, except that the back of the shoe is open. A sling strap around your ankle holds the footwear in place. Choose this kitten heel if you’re aiming for something modern and distinctive without sacrificing comfort.


  • Sandals


The most versatile low kitten heels come in ankle straps and strappy or square-toe designs. Choose these if you prefer a more casual look.


  • Boots


Stay stylish and on top of your fashion game, even in winter, with boots. Whether knee-length, ankle, or long, boots with low kitten heels will look amazing with your long coats and tights.


Wildfire has a collection of sandals. The sandals have low kitten heels. It is worth checking out. Most of the brand's low heels are limited edition. This proves their uniqueness. 


Tampa has toe-thong straps and a crocodile texture. This gives you an elevated sandal feel. Tangled has two horizontal braided top straps with a slide-in fit.


Trendy Ways to Wear Them


Low kitten heels are the perfect everyday footwear, the middle ground between high-heeled shoes and sneakers. You can style them with anything from bike shorts and slip dresses to cropped vintage jeans with a matching vintage bag. 


Low heels match well with jeans, suits, and everything else you can imagine, elevating your usual wardrobe rotation. Let’s look at ways you can incorporate them into your daily style:


  • T-shirt and jeans


Wearing these low heels with your favourite distressed jeans and fitted t-shirt will excite your typical cute and casual look.


  • Suits


Add a classy and feminine twist to your business look without going over the top. Low kitten heels take little time to wear and will have you ready for work in seconds. Plus, they are pain-free, keeping you comfy throughout a tiring workday.


  • Mini skirts with tank tops


Pull off the perfect summer or spring look with a pair of low kitten heels, a mini-skirt, and a tank top. Attend backyard picnics and barbeques comfortably with this combination. Be sure to complete the look with one of Wildfire’s clutches.


  • Jumpsuits


Show everyone how it’s done by pairing your low heels with jumpsuits. Add a belt to your jumpsuits to highlight your figure. This combination is ideal for running after kids, shopping, or hanging out with friends for brunch.


  • Dresses and accessories


If you plan to go the extra mile for a special occasion you’ve been excited about for months, it's time to go bold and big with your accessories. Choose a plain dress with bright colours and earrings or bib necklaces to make a bold statement. 


Wear your low kitten heels to infuse more style into the outfit combination.


They Won’t Break the Bank


Improving your wardrobe rotation doesn’t have to be expensive because you can be smart about it. We’ve described the incredible low kitten heels collection at Wildfire, and would you believe they range from $20-$50? 


And with the brand’s flexible payment systems in place, you can buy this footwear now and pay for it in installments later.


Providing the Proper Care


Take care of your low heels the same way you would your favourite clothes. You seldom find quality footwear that checks all the necessary boxes, so do all you can to make them last longer.


  • Keep them dry and clean.


Exposing your low heels to the natural elements is inevitable, so wipe off dirt and moisture. Dry them naturally, away from direct heat sources.


  • Never leave them lying around.

It’s tempting to leave your low heels where you take them off after a long day at work. But doing so will make them susceptible to floating dust. 


Invest in shoe closets and racks if your place has space. Otherwise, use shoe bags to store your low heels and hang them behind the door.


Join the Kitten Heel Trend!


Wilfire's perfect pair of new low heels will do wonders for your self-assurance. Our range of brands and styles will have you looking your best, whether you're strolling around town or tearing up the dance floor.


Upgrade your everyday look with Wildfire's selection of low heels. Head to the nearest retailer or the online store to grab one now!