Are running shoes suitable for walking too?

If you’re in for a long day of walking, you’re probably not going to be grabbing your best heels. Hello, sneakers! They are the comfiest shoes you own (that you can wear out of the house, of course) and whether you’re off for a jog, a few hours at sports practice, or a day of adventure, the last thing you want is sore feet to slow you down. Running, walking, and anywhere in-between, you’re going to want something that takes care of you.

The general rule for running shoes and other active footwear is that they should provide more stability and protection for your feet than a regular shoe. They must be able to flex, and also need more cushioning in the heel. Outrunning or not, you need a shoe that can handle different levels of impact.

Most people can pick a serious sports shoe just by looking. Not at the designs on the side, but by the tread on the bottom. If it passes that test, then it’s time for the fit. Can you adjust it if you need to? Is there support where you want? Is it flexible? Good-looking? Our classic sneakers are down for anything, and they’ve got the soles to prove it! There’ll be no slipping and sliding in these, thanks to some quality tread and adjustable laces. After that, it’s all a question of style. Whether you’re chasing bright stand out colours, or a more classic look, we’ve got you covered. Just take a look at Unify— a shoe which does both!

But maybe you aren’t after a heavy-duty pair of shoes. You’re chasing some new gym shoes, or perhaps something to throw on when you feel like going for a run— something natural, something low-maintenance. So how about something in a trainer? They’re everything you could want for a gym shoe. Light, flexible, and easy to pull on and off when you need to. The fact that they’re in trend is even more of a bonus. When it comes to the more laid-back look, Versus is perfect. If you want something that can easily double as a running shoe, the versatile Eclipse is more up your alley. These trainers serve as a useful, casual, everyday shoe as well.

So is that all? Sneakers and trainers? We’re coming up to summer now, which means anything with socks is heading to the back of the shelf. So how about a new, sporty shoe for those moments when sneakers are too hard, but your best sandals and thongs just can’t cut it? Meet the Cheer shoe. It’s comfy, easy to slip on, and light to wear. Socks or no socks, it’s all up to you. This style is great for easy-going people who like the look and feel of a sporty sort of shoe. The only struggle with this one is deciding on the colour you want.

At Spendless Shoes the right running footwear is easy, just like wearing running footwear shouldn’t cause you pain. There’s a lot of trusts that goes into this kind of shoe because your sneakers and trainers and sporty slip-on are going to help you win the game, run faster, walk longer, and push yourself further. But don’t let the cost hurt you either. Have a look for yourself right here, and see what Spend-less Shoes can do for you. It’s the look, for less.