Are You a Hybrid Worker? These Block Heels Are Perfect for Work and Play!

The new work hybrid work setup allows people to work from anywhere. Of course, any place with a strong internet connection is an ideal workplace, so it’s good to have reliable block heels that are appropriate for going to the office or working in a café.


Looking good wherever you decide to work is essential because you never know who you might meet. Impressions last, and with a stylish pair of Wildfire block heels on your feet, we guarantee an excellent lasting impression.


Since you will be working hard (but playing even harder), you must find a comfortable pair of block heels that perform many functions. 


Unfortunately, who has time to bring an extra pair of shoes nowadays? No one, so it’s imperative that you can last a long time in your block heels.


They also need to be versatile because you must be able to wear them on all the occasions and events you have lined up. Your block heels must be adaptable to the situation and can match all the outfits you have.


Do you have a style in mind? Because if not, our Wildfire team can help you pick the perfectblock heels for work and play. Here are some that you can consider adding to your closet:


1. Clear Ankle-Strapped


If you’re tired of wearing the same black block heels you own, it’s time to elevate your shoe closet and give yourself a different look. Choose a colour you haven’t tried but can add a positive twist to your work-and-play look.


We recommend a pair of clear ankle-strapped block heels from Wildfire. The ankle straps will keep your shoes in place while you’re serious at work or having fun playing. So why should you consider wearing translucent shoes?


Clear block heels are comfortable to wear. The materials are not rigid to walk in, while the thick, broad heel distributes weight evenly, relieving pressure from your feet, legs, and lower back.


Additionally, they are versatile. Clear block heels can match any outfit you wear, from work to play. And if you decide to work while travelling in other countries, it’s possible too! 


Wear them with cocktail dresses, work suits, and travel miniskirts. Name it, and you can wear it with clear shoes.


More importantly, clear block heels make your legs look amazing, giving you an illusion of long, slimmer legs. Everybody needs a boost of confidence, which helps improve performance at work. And if you buy a pair of shoes for this reason, it’s a valid one, so go ahead!


2. Heeled Slides 


Are you a hybrid worker who loves working near the beach, as this location helps clear your mind? Before anything else, we envy how you can work with the beach as your view because we’d love that too! Why should you consider wearing heeled slides?


Heeled slides are easy to wear and take off. We have the perfect block heels ideal for work and beach play. When things get too stressful while working remotely, kick off your block heels and swim in the sea. 


Wearing block heels outdoors is the best because they won’t get stuck in sand, soil, or pavement cracks. But, as we mentioned, you can remove them when spontaneity hits and you decide to take a quick break to swim. Moreover, if you’re working remotely from somewhere tropical, you will need the breathability these block heels can give.


But don’t take them as something inappropriate for the office. Their versatility makes it possible for you to wear them to work! These block heels look fantastic with office dresses and skirts. 


With its classy gold chain detailing on the top and sleek, glossy finish, your co-workers will likely ask where you got your shoes.


3. Heeled Boots


While Wildfire has the best open-toed collection of block heels, your feet need coverage and warmth once fall and winter come. As such, we suggest wearing heeled boots for work and play!


Theboots at Wildfire are a joy to look at but more fun to wear! These shoes have block heels that make walking, standing, and rushing for meetings a breeze. You can choose which coverage you prefer—ankle, long, or knee-high.


Changing seasons should not be an excuse to dress poorly. You will have the perfect footwear for autumn and winter by wearing Wildfire boots with block heels. In addition, wearing boots will ensure you get the warmth you need while working from anywhere in the cold months.


Maintain a vibrant mood when everything else is dark and grey by wearing various-coloured boots. But if you were to ask us which to recommend, we’d tell you to choose the green mid-height sock boot for a comfy and stylish combination.


You’re likely wondering how to style these green block heels, so here are some suggestions of styles to suit. Wear them with black tights, a denim skirt, a neutral-coloured shirt, and a black leather jacket for casual street style.


Since autumn and winter are cold, pair these boots with tights and a knitted sweater dress. Add an oversized belt around your waist to create shape and accessorise with hoop earrings. Gloves and beanies are optional, so wear them if you need more warmth.


How to Store Your Block Heels Properly


Now that you’ve found the block heels that will take you to work and play effortlessly, you must store them properly to prolong their life. Here are some ways:


  • Keep your block heels away from any direct heat source. Store them on shelves or cabinets. If space is an issue, you can use shoe bags hanging at the back of the door.

  • Please remember that you need to wipe down your block heels after every use before you store them.



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