Beauty Shouldn't Mean Pain: The Comfy Block Heels We All Need

In the fashion world, every girl knows that sometimes beauty is pain. But we do not have to stand for that anymore.


Shake things up and challenge some stereotypes by implementing comfortable casual shoe into your dress shoes routine. Comfortable footwear is a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe, and we have the perfect style of dress shoes for you as your everyday essentials. 


That’s right, babe! But, of course, we are talking about the super-popular block heels. These block heels are a super trendy style of wide fit casual shoe that needs to make its way into your wardrobe if it hasn’t already. Block heels give us gal-pals the opportunity to wear much more comfortable dress shoes on our feet without compromising our fashion sense.


Beauty does not always mean pain, and a pair of block heels tell us that. If you feel like changing your casual shoe collection and adding a few more comfortable options into the mix, then this is your sign to invest in some block heels. Do you feel stuck on shoe options?


Take a read below at our great selection of comfortable block heels. There is a super cute style for every girl to enjoy!


Slide On Block Heels


The gorgeous style of block heels that we are currently obsessed with is the slide on mid heel pumps. These casual shoe are super comfortable and easy to wear for every girl to enjoy.


Slide on block heels is the perfect style of casual shoe to wear for a night out with the girls, outdoor play or a cute brunch date on a Sunday morning. These casual shoe give you the best option of pumps heel sandal to wear because they slip in and out of them with ease.


This tip is a comfortable feature to have in a pair of block heels because they can easily take you from day to night with every activity you do. If you have an outfit malfunction or cannot decide what heel shoes to wear, you can always rely on a pair of slip-on block heels.


The best part about these heel shoes is that you can take them off with ease after a big night out with friends. They are the perfect style of heel sandal for when you need comfortable and stylish heel shoes. Slip-on block heels will have you feeling your very best all day long!


Strappy Block Heels


Treat yourself to a pair of strappy block heels, sis! These heel shoes are a sturdy and comfortable pair of pumps heel sandal that can elevate your look. In addition, the self-tie straps offer a unique feature to these heel shoes so you can stand out from the crowd.


Strappy block heels allow you to let out your creative side and try something new. You can easily flex your pair of strappy block heels with a bodycon mini dress, so both your heel shoes and legs get some attention. These pumps also look stunning with some boyfriend jeans and cute crop tops.


These block heels pair well with a range of outfits, so your options are endless with these bad boys. The best thing about wide fit strappy block heels is that they will remain secure around your ankles for the duration of your event. For a night full of fun and play, then this feature is a must-have.


Wedge-heeled sandals


This footwear style may not get classified as block heels, but they can come under the same category. We are talking about our all-time favourite wedge leather sandals!


Girls trust us when we say that these wedge-heeled leather sandals are a must-have style in your shoe collection. These heel shoes are the definition of comfortable, and we love how versatile they are when styling them with an outfit.


The wedge base offers plenty of shoe care comfort and support because of the subtle elevation, which means no straining your feet. This feature gives you the chance to last all day and night in these heel shoes, perfect for long-lasting events.


Wedge sandals are a style of everyday essentials footwear that can get worn for your day-to-day activities. They are a wide fit casual shoe that allows you to wear them out to coffee or a cocktail night with friends by the beach. All eyes will be on you when you wear these shoes!


Kitten-heeled Pumps


Block heels are the perfect choice of shoes for when you want a comfortable pair of pumps to wear. The fun thing about these block heel sandals is that they are available in a whole range of different designs and colour pop. We love the kitten-block heel sandals because of their unique design.


These are the perfect combination between stiletto heels and flat sandals so you can get shoe care comfort and style all in one. The kitten block heels are a simple and effective heel sandal style that can pair well with just about every outfit.


We love to style these block heel sandals with corporate attire because they offer a fashionable addition to the generally uniform style of corporate clothes. Pair these pumps with a pencil skirt, stockings, and button-up shirt for your everyday essentials formal attire.


You will feel super comfortable in these kitten block heels due to the low base. Lucky for you, these wide fit heel sandal take you straight from the office to after-work drinks with ease. All you have to do is throw on some jeans and turn your button-up shirt into a crop top.


This look is super easy to create, and you will not have to compromise your style for shoe care comfort. It is a win-win, babe!


Cake-stand block heels


A unique design of block heels that is making its way into the fashion scene is the cake-stand pumps. These wide fit block heels offer a fun addition to your heel sandal collection that every girl will want to invest in. 


The cake-stand design features a stiletto heels-like base but finishes with a tapered block heel. It is the perfect mix of modern-day fashion with favourite looks from the ’70s. These wide fit block heels pair perfectly with your dressiest fit so, and you can slay all day and night with the girls!




Some necessary steps to take when investing in a new pair of wide fit block heels is to get your hands on some accessories. These heels are perfect for keeping in your handbag. You can use these as a backup tool for when you need them on a night out.


Next, we recommend investing in some half gel innersoles. These sit on the inside of your wide fit casual shoe underneath the ball of your feet. This tip will add a comfortable layer between the floor and your feet to hopefully let you last longer on a night out. 


You will feel so much more relaxed when wearing these innersoles on a night out!       


Ready To Make The Comfortable Switch?


Block heels are the gift that keeps on giving so, here is your sign to invest in a pair of comfortable block heels. Block heels are the perfect style of comfortable shoes that every girl needs in her wardrobe. You will not regret it, girl!