Block Heels Are Back and Better Than Ever

If you love comfortable and stylish low heel shoes, then you will love the fact that block heels have made their way back on the scene. Block heels could not be any more perfect, no matter how hard we try.


So to celebrate this exciting comeback, we have gathered a selection of reasons why you need to invest in a pair of comfort block heels this season. They have made their way back into the fashion world for a reason, so it will be worth testing your luck on these heel shoes.


Your dress shoes collection will soon be full of all the amazing styles, shapes, and colours that you can find in the effortlessly gorgeous block heels. Scroll down below and enjoy a read of all the things we love about block heel sandals and why you should get your hands on a pair of them asap, babe!


We Love Comfort!


The best thing about sturdy block heels is that they are the most comfortable heel sandal to wear. So ditch the stilettos and throw on a pair of trending styles of womens block heel for your girl’s night out. These block heels online will take you straight from one club to the next without hurting your feet.


Comfortable block heels are the perfect shoes to wear if you are heading to a special event or just an everyday essentials, where you know that you will have to be standing for an extended period. Block heels will ensure you do not feel any pain throughout the night so you can mingle and party all night long.


These casual shoes are also great for a night on the dance floor, so start preparing your best moves, girl! Thanks to the low platform and easy-to-wear qualities, comfortable heels online will be your go-to shoe for any upcoming event.


But, if you are drawn to wearing high pumps or stilettos more often, you might feel a little hesitant to try out a pair of sturdy block heels. But, the moment you try on some block heels, you will happily ditch the stilettos and live in these shoes forever. The amount of comfort evening shoes provide is next level, babe!


Modern-day Style!


There are many stiletto-like pumps or other shoes that would get worn on a night out that are very outdated. However, they are always coming in and out of fashion when they get an upgrade or re-design. The best thing about block heeled boots is that they are always on-trend no matter what.


The black block heel is perfect because it gives you the option of wearing these platform heels all year long. So whether they’re bucketing down with rain or beaming with sunshine, a pair of block strappy heeled shoes will have you sorted.


The beauty of these shoes is that they come in a whole range of colours and designs so, they will keep you up to date with all of the trendsand complete your look. One style we are obsessing over is the clear straps and clear base.


This look adds a unique touch to the shoe game and will have you standing out from the crowd. Strappy, self-tie block heels are also making a statement with their fun, tie-up feature. This block heel designs of shoe will have you looking like a gorgeous ballerina all day long.


Block heels also come in a range of pastel colours. These offer a subtle and casual vibe compared to the other shoes, so these are super versatile for your everyday needs. Slaaaaay, queen!


Pairs Perfectly With Any Look!


For all of our fashionistas who love to add a touch of style to spice up their look, you will fall in love with block heels. These shoes are about to elevate your fit no matter what time of day it is. So whether you’re working in the office or spending a day out running errands, you will look fabulous all day long whilst wearing your block heels.


We love how block heels can accentuate all of your features when styling them with a cute pair of high-waisted jeans and a bodysuit. This sturdy block heels will blend into your look and let the jeans do the talking.


Block heel height can add a modern touch of fashion to your office fit, whether you are wearing a pencil skirt or suit pants with cross body bags. These shoes are a statement piece that will turn your look into a fashionable and classy outfit in the blink of an eye.


If you are spending a day at home dedicated to a bit of self-care, then wearing a pair of these soft pink shoes might not be on your radar. The best thing about these shoes is that even if you are rocking your best tracksuit, pairing them with some block heels will turn your look from drab to fab!


Block black leather heels are like your very own fairy godmother, so enjoy the fashion glow up before time runs out!


Easy To Walk In!


Leather block heel are the best shoes to wear because they will not impact the way you walk. Ace the stiletto strut with comfort and ease when you wear a pair of colour pop block heels. These shoes will make walking from one club to the next with your gal-pals a whole lot easier.


Say goodbye to falling over, bruised legs and sore arms and say hello to easy, breezy walking. Unfortunately, stiletto-like shoes can make walking around super challenging as they do not provide a stable base, making it easier for you to lose your balance.


One thing we love about block heels is that they do not let you fall over at all. These shoes are so perfect for your balance that you could walk across a tightrope without falling off (okay, we may be exaggerating a little!). But, you get the point, sis.


Block heels are the ultimate style of shoe you need in your life on the regular. Once you change your look of shoes to a pair of block heels, you will never look back on wearing any other design of pumps.


A+ For Accessories!


Seeing as block heels are not the type of shoe to steal the show, it makes them the perfect design of footwear to pair with a bunch of accessories. For example, if your set of block heels are in a pastel shade, then you can easily style them with a set of pastel-coloured clips for your hair.


Let the accessories do the talking, and the sturdy block heels do the walking. Each element of your look will work perfectly together. For the girls who love patterned shoes, try to match them with a scrunchie for your hair.    


Hair accessories are one of the first things that people will notice, so if you match them to your block heels, you will gain double the complements – woo!   


Ready To Try Out Some Super Cute Block Heels?


Have we persuaded you to invest in a pair of sturdy block heels? If you are profusely nodding your head, then it is time to head to the Wildfire Shoes website and add those bad boys straight to your cart. This shoe is an investment you will not regret, sis!