Block Heels Are Here To Stay… Here's Why!

Over the past few years, block heels have had their fair share of stylish changes and minor improvements but have still held their title for best women's dressy shoe. Their practical heel shape, versatility and trendy exteriors have earned this title. That is why we are pleased to announce that womens block heels are a wardrobe staple and are most definitely here to stay… and here's why!


It's no secret that block heels are the dressy shoes of choice amongst women!


Coming into another season means new wardrobe styles and staples to add to your collection. But before you rush off to do a spring-clean and donate those block heels to charity, hold up! We're here to tell you that your block heels in black or any other colour aren't going anywhere!


So, if you're on the hunt for a new pair of wedding shoes, perhaps, look to block heels which, by the way, make great dressy bridal shoes that will also take you to the cooler months. Head on over to Wildfire and grab yourself a trendy pair! 


What Makes Block Heels So Practical?


There's nothing worse than buying a hot pair of dressy heel shoes that cause rubbing, blistering and unsteady ankles within the first hour of wearing your new shoes.


At Wildfire, we know how important it is to you to have a well fitted (even for women who require a wide fit), comfortable pair of dressy shoes. That is why we have a huge range of women's block heels in extended sizes that will keep you comfortable throughout the day and night!


Womens Block Heels Are The Answer To Your Shoe Prayers!


The practical shape of our shoes will keep your ankles stable and secure throughout the night, unlike a pair of sharp stilettos. Our block heels come in a range of heights, meaning you will be sure to find the perfect shoes, whatever the occasion!


Looking for a low kitten heel or platform heel style for everyday comfort to the office or mid heel to high heights for events and nights out? At Wildfire, we have the perfect womens block heels just waiting for you!


If you are on the hunt for work shoes for the office, then our kitten style block heels are perfect for you. Their short heels are the perfect height for the office. Their small block heels will keep you comfortable and secure throughout the day, and their trendy mule or sandal-like styles will keep you looking sharp and trendy for the office.


Or if you are on the hunt for a new pair of dressy shoes that will keep you going through the busy events season, then we have the block heels you have been searching for! 


Seriously, call off the search party and head to Wildfire! Our mid to high block heels are perfect for events and occasion wear. Not only are their heights reasonable, but these dressy shoes come in a range of trendy styles and colours.


Whether you are looking for trendy demure slip-on styles or simplistic strappy sandal designs, whatever you are searching for, we've got the perfect block heels for you.


Add Some Colour To Your Wardrobe!


And not to mention in a range of on-trend colours of the season! As we are in between seasons, you can't go wrong with summer pastels like mint greens, baby blues, lilacs, bright whites, and moody autumn colours like sage greens, neutral nudes and warm tans.


So, why not add some colour to your wardrobe? And this is the perfect way to do it, subtly add some colour to any plain outfit by accessorising your shoes, and what a better way to do so than with womens block heels?


Like we said, our block heels styles and designs are right on this season's trend, so you will have no trouble finding the perfect pair of dressy shoes for the countless events you have coming up. Do yourself a favour and pick up a pair or two of block heels along with shoe care and accessories from your one-stop-shop, Wildfire!


Square Toes


Square toe shapes are making their way from our 90's wardrobes and into this current season, and we don't mind it!


Since many 90's pieces are making their comeback, then why not bring back square toe sandals, we say! This flattering shape will make anyone's foot look fab, so why not embrace the square-cut shape?


And what's better than bringing back square toes in the form of womens block heels? Square toe block heels are one trendy and practical style. If you've just rocked up to the party, then make your way to Wildfire.


Our strappy block heel sandals or slip-on designs are a great place to start. Easily style these shoes with absolutely anything in your wardrobe. Jeans, dresses, skirts, jumpsuits, shorts or wide-leg pants — these strappy heeled shoes work wonders and will perfectly complete any ensemble!


Trust us, the hardest decision you'll have to make is choosing just one pair!


Block Heels Aren't Just For The Warmer Months!


You may think that these block low heel shoes aren't exactly made for the cooler months, but you are highly mistaken! Although our block heels aren't a snug pair of knee high boots or flat boots, that doesn't mean you need to store your black leather block heels away all winter long! Our versatile womens block heels are great for events through the cooler months. Make full use of our comfortable dressy shoes through winter.


As much as you'd prefer to keep your feet warm with black leather lace up boots on, all winter long, perhaps, there comes a point when even leather boots or ankle boots just won't cut it!


So, wearing your flat sandals or flat shoes instead of stiletto heels to those special events that make your feet hurt. In our opinion, there's nothing better than buying a pair of dressy heel shoes that can be worn year-round! 

So what are you waiting for?


First, check out our latest collection of heels online, specifically for womens block heels. While browsing, don't pass up the chance to take a peek at our online exclusives!


Make your way to a Wildfire store close by, or completely take the hassle out of shopping and shop online! Our online store has the same huge range of block heels available in extended sizes from 5-10 or 6-11. Make use of our helpful size guide online to find your perfect Wildfire fit.


Do yourself a favour and pick up yourself a pair of womens block heels today! Load up your tote bags, and don't forget to pick up gift vouchers for gifting lucky friends. You might also qualify for a student discount which applies at checkout.