Block Heels Are the Perfect Heel All Year Round… Here's Why!

Finding the perfect shoe to wear all year is a struggle, especially if you want a variety that adds height. But we now have the solution to every girl's heel problem: block heels


These shoes have been on every woman's list of top shoes. Ask anyone, and they'll tell you that if they were to build a capsule wardrobe, a pair of block-heeled shoes would be one of the first items.


Most women who have shied away from wearing shoes with height return to the fold after trying on block heels. 


They called them "miracle shoes," allowing them to spend hours on their feet without pain or strain. But it would help if you had these shoes in your closet all year because they have distinct qualities that deserve a spot.


What makes block-heeled shoes the perfect heel all year round?


Let's ask the expert team at Wildfire for some of the answers. They are the best; we'd like you to know why. If you want to discover more about this shoe, read on now!


1. Comfortable


It's rare for women to categorise any shoe that adds height as comfortable because they've endured pain and discomfort. But all that changed after these heels came into the picture. 


This shoe's broad and thick heel distributes the weight evenly, relieving pressure from the balls of your feet, legs, and lower back.


That's their main difference from stilettos, which only force your weight on one spot and alter your centre of gravity. We imagine people who have worn these shoes before are surprised at the comfort they have brought.


Aside from addressing the load distribution issue, these have also addressed the stability problem. 


No more fearfully teetering on a slim and narrow heel, which increases the probability of you toppling forward face first. Instead, they offer stability on any surface, making them the best bet for events indoors or outdoors.


2. Versatile


It's not usual for you to stumble upon footwear you can dress up or down effortlessly. So start your day by opening your closet and taking out your favourite pair of block-heeled footwear. 


These accompany you to work, ensuring you can comfortably stand, walk, and rush to meetings. From there, you can head straight to a girls' night out on the town you scheduled with friends weeks ago. 


You reminisce about when you didn't have block heels yet and had to bring an extra pair of footwear to constantly change into. Now, this footwear fits the bill.


You can even wear them on your commute to the office and for dinner reservations. 


Some people feel these won't cut it, but the thick, broad heel allows you to stand on train or bus stations without mishaps. In addition, the larger surface area that comes into contact with the ground means that block heels won't get your foot stuck in pavement cracks or train tracks.


And by the time the weekend rolls in, you can put them on again for the outdoor wedding of your cousin. Block heels work on uneven surfaces, even soft ones, so they won't give you trouble and get stuck on soil or sand. 


Now try to imagine wearing stilettos while walking in your cousin's backyard. Isn't it cringing to think you can dig yourself into the ground with your pointed heel?


3. Trans-seasonal


As mentioned, block heels will be one of the first footwear ladies will include in their capsule wardrobe. When you build a capsule wardrobe, your items are trans-seasonal, or those you can wear in all four seasons.


Block heels have open-toed styles suitable for casual summer and spring events, especially outdoors. 


And while people hide their stilettos during autumn and winter, as these are health hazards that can cause the wearer to slip, boots and other cold weather footwear have block heels to keep the wearer steady and stable.


Again, the stability of this footwear is adequate throughout all seasons, whether indoors or outdoors. As such, you must have block heels in your shoe closet, a spot they deserve.


4. Stylish


With so many styles to suit a range of tastes, women automatically think of wearing them anywhere, and rightfully so. However, wearing stylish block heels has a domino effect on the wearer – when you look good, you also feel good and make other people happy. It's contagious!


When you check out Wildfire's block heels, you'll understand the entire discussion since this article started. The colours alone are enough to make your life shine all year. 


There are 14 colours available, which means you can get one for each month of the year and still exceed the number of months. Wildfire block heels come in black, blue, brown, clear, gold, green, natural (nude), orange, pink, purple, silver, tan, vanilla, and white. 


If you want to add something exciting and different from your usual choice, how about getting a pair of pink block heels for your collection?


The Pantone Colour of the Year for 2023 is Viva Magenta, representing empowerment, fearlessness, and optimism. Pink comes from the same family and would add the vibrant colour your life needs this year. 


Wear these block heels all year round, so you will always feel lucky and happy. Who knows what else pink shoes can bring you?


5. Varying Heights


Check out the collection of low and high-heeled shoes at Wildfire, even the heeled boots, as mentioned, and you'll notice the block heel. Shoes of this style are never wrong for any occasion. 


The incredible thing about women's block heels is that they come in various heights. So not only can these distribute the load, but they can also bring you closer to the ground if that's what you prefer.


Find What You Need from Wildfire!


It's time to elevate your wardrobe with all-day-wear block heels from Wildfire. All the reasons we shared are green flags to convince you to get the pair you need this year. 


Head to the nearest Wildfire store or the online shop and take advantage of the flexible payment systems, which allow you to purchase now and pay later!