Block Heels Don't Have To Be Boring. Check Out These Styles!


Forget about forgettable fashion!

Wildfire styles are here to make your next outing more memorable than the last. Instead of taking out the same tired set and hoping your outfit will dress it up, let our block heels add the excitement. If you're ready to get inspired and revolutionise your look, then keep on reading!


Make your collection trendy with strappy block heels!


No one in their right mind would call these sensational shoes boring! The fabulous faux suede straps and sweeping silhouette add instant glamour and charm to these block heels. Maybe you're looking for a pair to wear to your next party, special occasions, or to catch up with friends — whatever your story is, our strappy styles are the ones to choose. Fun, flirty, and fashionable, our self-tie block heels will have you looking great and feeling even better. Plus, these standout shoes come in either tall or ultra-high block heels, so the choice is all yours.


Why not throw a pattern into the mix?


Leopard print is the must-have pattern of 2019, so it should be no surprise that we have it on some of our block heels! The spots catch people's eyes instantly and add a chic feel to any outfit. You're sure to have clothes and accessories that match with your block heels soon too since leopard is a current pattern.


Other than that, we also have snakeskin styles. Block heels with a scaly finish come in an icy grey hue so they can be subtler than your usual prints. If you're tired of the same colours, then you can inject life back into your wardrobe by trading out normal tones for snakeskin block heels.


Our structured styles could be your ultimate match!


Are gladiator sandals or cut-out booties a regular feature in your year-round wardrobe? Wildfire's trendy half-exposed block heels might be the pair of your dreams! The lined platform and lace-up front are favoured features, but the highlight of this look has to be the pin-punched material. We love these perforated block heels because they're not difficult to walk in and look fantastic with any clothing that shows off your ankles. You could wear a pair to a party under a little dress or playsuit, take them out casually and dress up your jeans, or give your formal clothes an edge.


Do you feel you’re up to trying something new this season?


Tubular straps are a new sensation appearing on block heels, and we think they're a fun twist on standard styles. Our favourites have four straps over the toes, a buckled ankle band, and a trendy wraparound back strap. Since they have a rounded edge, these bands are also softer on your feet and less likely to dig into your foot than a regular flat-edged style. Also, these are on the taller end of the spectrum for block heels, which make our tubular styles ideal for formal events. Plus, the black and natural versions pair up with other tones and patterns incredibly easily.


Do you still think block heels are boring?


If this guide hasn't changed your mind, then maybe a trip onto our website can convince you! You can browse through each of our block heels at your leisure, and get a proper look at the styles we have available. Each item has high-quality images at different angles, so it's as good as seeing them in a store! Also, the detailed description and information on the sides should tell you everything that you need to know about your chosen block heels. Stop waiting and start shopping! Unleash your wild side this season with our trendiest block heels!