Block Heels for the Fussiest Girls!


Are you impossible to please when it comes to shoe shopping?

Is finding a pair of decent block heels like finding a needle in a haystack? Maybe you have a strict set of standards that your shoes have to meet, or you think that shopping for fashionable block heels is way too hard when you’re a budget. Well, the struggle is over! Wildfire is here to lend you a hand. Our collection of block heels can tick all of your boxes. We offer the season’s best looks, and some timeless classics, at prices that you can’t pass up! Let us do the hard work today and help you find the ultimate pair. Chill out (and keep reading) for a glimpse of our gorgeous block heels!


We have heights that will suit any confidence level


You don’t have to push yourself into wearing a too-high style to get the design that you like. At Wildfire, we offer beautiful block heels with low platforms, so you’ll always look and feel great. Since you can find all of our leading styles in a shorter version, you have heaps of options, and more chances to get something that you adore.


Block heels will give you the support that you deserve!


Avoid embarrassing faceplants and nasty rolled ankles during your next event! If you’re no expert when it comes to wearing block heels, then Wildfire’s array of different sizes will be a sight for sore eyes (and feet!). Unlike stilettos, which can be a nightmare to take outside, these wider-based styles are supportive from the start. Even our slender block heels can stop you from sinking into lawn and carpets, into gaps on decks, grills, and grates, and keep you feeling in control. Not only that, but they also balance out your bodyweight better and make for a comfy fit. Forget the drama when you choose block heels!


Shall we look at some possible styles?

1. Get a set that you can wear again


If you find shopping for block heels is difficult, then having a pair of our classic cocktail styles will be a huge benefit. These designs can help you coast through any formal event, and you can wear them again with new outfits. The foundation of these block heels is a tall platform, a buckled ankle band, and straps that go over to tops of your toes. We have alternate versions at Wildfire this season which include tubular straps, crisscrossing bands, and different materials. However, the overarching elegance remains the same in all of these block heels.

2. Fresh and fashionable block heels


We opened the season with patterned stilettos, but now we’re bringing you some broad-based styles as well! If animal print is a must-have for you this year, then we advise you get block heels with either snakeskin or leopard print material. Snakeskin is the subtler of the two prints, so if you find colourful prints too noisy, then these are the best alternative. But, if you like the idea of block heels that can add some zing to your everyday outfit, then leopard spots won’t disappoint you.

3. The no-stress types to take you wherever


It won’t surprise you now, but Wildfire has a bunch of these easy-breezy styles. The advantage of these looks is that you can dress them up one day and dress them down the next. These block heels will always feel trendy, but it’s your outfits that decide how formal they get. You might try some of our structured designs, which feel like gladiator sandals. Otherwise, maybe our bohemian espadrille wedges or mid-high mules will be to your liking.


Come and check out the block heels at Wildfire!


You never know what you might find on our shelves.