Block Heels Perfect For Work And Play!

Are block heels on your shopping list? Wildfire’s impressive selection has everything from office wear to party shoes, so you can always find whatever you need on our shelves. This year, we’ve got so many gorgeous block heels that you won’t know where to start! So, it’s a good thing that we’re here to give you a breakdown of our most versatile platforms, isn’t it? By the time you’ve finished reading this article, you should have a better idea of which Wildfire block heels will be able to take you from your workplace to your evening plans without a hitch! Who’s ready for the tea?


Why would block heels be the best choice for these settings? 


Workdays can be incredibly demanding, which means your shoes must be up to the challenge. Even if you work at a desk most of the day, your block heels will still have a lot of walking and standing to do during commutes to and from the office, or for meetings. So, why are these platforms the best ones for the job? Well, our block heels offer hours of long-lasting comfort and support for your feet. The broad platforms make walking indoors on thick carpets and slippery tiles easy, and lawns and rocky pathways outdoors will be no issue either. If you’re heading to a party, dinner, or other get-togethers after work, then your block heels will need to keep you cosy then as well. Reliable comfort is crucial for these shoes, because the last thing you want is to be distracted, aggravated, or upset by sore feet when you’re on-the-job or off to a party. So, isn’t it wonderful that Wildfire’s block heels have got you covered?


Which of our block heels will suit your office dress code?


We know that some workplaces have strict rules around the type of footwear that’s allowed. One rule we see fairly frequently is that toes need to be covered at all times. For this reason, all the main styles that we’ll be talking about in this article will be block heels that cover the toes. Wildfire has heaps of gorgeous designs that follow this trend, so you’ve got plenty to choose from in 2020. 


You can’t go wrong with our classic block heels!


These pointy-toed work styles are the perfect pair for parties and all-day office wear. The pointy toes and tall platforms give our block heels a flattering profile. We’re sure that you’ll love the feel of the soft faux suede material and the fact that it adds a fun element to your overall look. You can wear these block heels to work with your favourite dresses and skirts or with a cuffed pair of pairs (as long as the ankle strap isn’t concealed) and a nice blouse. Then, once the day is done, you can head straight to your dinner plans in style! 


Our boots are another excellent pick too! 


Here at Wildfire, these block heels come in ankle-high, calf-high, and thigh-high versions. Since they’re trans-seasonal, you’ll be able to wear these heeled boots whenever you want during the year. Boots with block heels strike the perfect balance between formal and casual styles. You can wear these shoes on the weekends with your favourite denim bottoms and a cute shirt, and take them to the office during the week with form-fitting work pants. Our bootie-style block heels are a popular choice in 2020, thanks to their flattering ankle socks. 


Don’t stop here! 


We’ve only just begun to tell you about all of our fabulous block heels! If you’re looking for a style that you can dress up and dress down as you like, then our range is going to spoil you rotten. Have a look today!