Block Heels That Still Look Stylish!

Get stylish with Wildfire block heels! We’ve got so many great styles for you!


Short block heels should be on your shopping list!


Low platforms make fantastic everyday shoes for ladies who want a touch of glamour with every outfit! While the short block heels won’t give you a dramatic height boost, they will lift the overall aesthetic of your outfit! You can afford to go out in an oversized t-shirt and some comfy ripped shorts when you’ve got our cute platforms to keep them looking pretty! 


This season, Wildfire has some sensational sets for you to test out. If you’re searching for something a bit different than your usual block heels, then keep your eye out for our colourful styles! We’ve got platforms with skinny side profiles and braided top straps in sage, lilac, baby blue, and all your favourite classic colours. 


Does that sound enticing to you? If not, you’ll find heaps of other low block heels in our collection. Backless shoes are a go-to for 2021, and so is anything with a trendy texture!  


Our boot-style block heels can make a bold statement!


Are you looking for platforms with a different vibe? Wildfire’s wintery block heels are versatile and easy to style with a range of outfits. These are all mid-high platforms, so they’ll give your ensemble a boost without impacting your ability to walk or move. 


Trendy block heels in this design are sure to be a cute addition to your collection, whether you grab our ankle-high, calf-length, or thigh-high ones. Boots like ours can be a practical choice as well. If you’re going outside into wild weather or heading into a nightclub or bar, then our leather-look boots will keep your feet dry, warm, and protected.


The faux suede material on our thigh-high block heels is warm and soft, which means they’re a super substitute for stockings and long socks if you want to wear a shorter skirt or dress. Instead of dealing with your legs beginning cold, you can compensate for the warmth with these bold over-the-knee shoes. Which set sounds like your ideal pick?


Who loves our new wedges?


Have you had a look at our trendy new block heels? As we head towards 2021, wedges are a top favourite at Wildfire. Our latest styles are a chic blend of retro-feeling features and modern trends. Have a look at the fashionable round buckles, two-toned wedge soles, and lovely leather-look bands on our hottest block heels. You’re sure to fall in love with this design! 


The full-sized platform wedges we have on our shelves make cool casual or formal block heels. You can dress them down with a denim skirt (or shorts) and a cute t-shirt. To dress up your wedged block heels, we recommend accessories in the same colour with a seasonal print dress, jumpsuit, or co-ord outfit. Can you see yourself in a pair of our new wedges?


You can’t go wrong with a classic set!


Who wouldn’t love a pair of Wildfire’s timeless block heels? If you’re looking for shoes that are still in style and will stay that way for a long time yet, then our basic designs are what you need! In our range, we have a plethora of block heels for formal events, including ones with elegant top straps, thin bands over the toes, self-tie straps, and more!


No matter what your aesthetic is, we have a pair at Wildfire that can match it. Do you have a New Year’s Eve party, summer wedding, or similar event in your upcoming calendar? Grab a set of these essential block heels!

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Wildfire’s block heels are sure to entrance you!