Block Heels That Will Be Perfect For Your Winter Events!

2020's best trends are coming your way! Spendless has a gorgeous collection of block heels will have you looking and feeling great this season. Our styles promise versatility and the ultimate styling freedom! What does that mean? Well, block heels from the Spendless collection can help you dress an outfit up or dress it down this season. How formal (or not) you end up appearing all depends on what sort of clothes you choose to pair with your platforms. The power is all yours! We don’t want you to get daunted by the proposition, so, let us explain how everything works with our 2020 styles. You’ll be creating new outfit combinations confidently in no time! 

See-through mules are a style sensation

Do you find it tricky to match block heels with clothes in bright colours or patterns? With our translucent styles on your feet, you’ll never have to worry about ugly clashes again! These shoes have crystal-clear top bands and platforms that you can see straight through! It’s impossible to mess up your look with these stunning shoes your feet. Not only that, but our elegant mule-style block heels are comfortable and breathable. The open and minimalist design will keep your feet from overheating while you’re out having fun. Also, the broad base provides balance, so you can always dance around in your translucent block heels. 

Pointy-toed block heels are another fun favourite

If you haven’t seen these awesome shoes, then you’re missing out on a fresh design! With their pointed toes and faux suede material, these shoes make every day feel like summer. You haven’t seen anything like these block heels! Wear your new pair with jeans and a classic tee, and you’ll give your casual look a much-needed lift. Also, the stylish shape of these block heels helps give them a glamourous feel, so using them as formalwear (or a work pair) is no struggle either. All you need to do is slide your feet in and step out into the day! 

What do you think about crocodile texture?

Here at Wildfire, we love putting this animal-inspired feature on our block heels in 2020. A trendy texture can work wonders and give your outfit a more cutting-edge and modern aesthetic. If you’re tired of block heels with faux suede finishes or typical synthetic leather, then we highly recommend experimenting with this style instead. The designs that we have with crocodile texture are short block heels, so you can count on comfort. Office-workers love the seamless support of these mules shoes, and the white versions look cute at weddings as well! 

Give our boots some love too! 

Are you looking for something a bit different to your typical block heels? Well, our boot-based designs could be the ideal pair for you! Like any decent boots, these will keep your feet toasty and warm during winter and autumn. And, with some bold block heels on the bottom, Spendless’ boots also flatter your figure and bring some class. We have over-the-knee boots and ankle styles, which means we can cater to customers with either preference. 

How are you feeling about styling your new block heels now? 

If you’d like a few more tips or recommendations, then stop and snoop through some more of our helpful articles. Beyond that, you should be ready to start searching through our selection of block heels. Did you like the sound of a style featured in this article? Refine your search terms, and you’ll find your way to those shoes faster! Then again, you’ve got plenty of other block heels to look at that we haven’t even mentioned, so take your time online. Choose shoes that suit your style. Spendless Shoes has fantastic block heels for you in 2020. Now, come and find your next pair!