Block Heels That You Won't Even Know You're Wearing!

We get it; wearing dressy shoe styles can become painful and tiresome. So it's important to buy the right pair of shoes that can be worn for long hours without pain, and if you are someone who usually wears flats to parties to avoid the pain, then these are the perfect dressy shoes for you —  womens block heels! They're also great as bridal shoes for outdoor weddings.


For all the ladies who don't like wearing high heels… listen up! Suppose you're someone who usually shies away from a pair of stiletto heels. In that case, your days of wearing flat shoes to parties are finally over! 


If you are on the hunt for a new pair of black patent leather block heel shoes, then look no further! Shop at Wildfire and find yourself a pair of block heels such as that will get you through any kind of occasion that you won't even know you're wearing no less. Hallelujah, now that's music to any woman's ears!


The great thing about womens block heels that they keep your feet completely comfortable is the square-cut shape that covers more ground and, in turn, keeps your feet feeling more secure and comfortable than a traditional stiletto shape does. Along with the secure straps across the front of the feet, there's no doubt you won't feel secure and not to mention comfortable in a pair of Wildfire's block heeled shoes! 


So whether you buckle up, wrap up or slip into a pair of shoes, we recommend you opt for a pair of Wildfire's block heels! The unique point of difference between Wildfire's block heeled shoes and other retailers is that our chunky styles come in different heights. Now, for you ladies who don't like wearing stiletto style shoes, then womens block heels are the shoes for you!


Don't Like Wearing Stilettos? Try Our Block Style Kitten Heels!


Like we said, if you are someone who doesn't like to wear sky-high stilettos, then these are the shoes for you! Our kitten heels are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. The small heel will elevate you just enough to dress up a simple outfit and even complete a dressy party outfit, which is perfect for the ladies who don't like wearing stiletto styles.   


These heel shoes make the perfect shoes for work and casual weekend wear. If you have an office job and are becoming tired of your everyday ballet flats, why not give our kitten heels a try? These low styles come in either a slip-on design or buckle up design, and for your typical office wear, we recommend opting for either a slip-on or buckle up style. 


Our basic slip-on block heels feature multiple thin straps across the front of the foot or a single thick braided strap; whichever style you choose, you can guarantee that each will be the perfect shoes with your office attire or casual weekend wear. Similarly, these designs are extended in our buckle up block heels styles, which is the perfect shoe for the office. Choose a pointed toe buckle up style, which will look great with your office pants and skirts, and opt for sandal block heels to wear with your summery ensembles for Sunday drinks! 


As we said, these kitten style block heels are perfect for the ladies who don't like wearing high styles in general. So, here's your chance to take the plunge and grab yourself a trendy pair of kitten block heels that you won't even notice you're wearing. Now, that's a bonus! 


So What Are You Waiting For? 


Do yourself a favour and pick up a pair or two in some fun colours for your upcoming summer events! We guarantee your new block heels will make heads turn at your next event!


Mid Heel To High Block Heels 


For those of you who have experience wearing stiletto heels, then here is the perfect height for you, mid to high. Amongst our kitten heels, we also have a range of block heeled boots: ankle boots, lace up boots, knee high boots, in mid to high heights, which is perfect for dressier events and special occasions, so why not pick yourself up a pair of high block heels today? 


However, if you're still not convinced and you're sure that your humble stilettos and platforms still serve you well, then we've got one word for you… comfortable! 


That's right, what makes our womens block heels online so popular is that they are completely comfortable. The stable block heels mean you are covering more ground than your old stiletto heels ever would, so most of the time, it doesn't feel like you are wearing a tall style. 


Trust us, once you give our block heels a try, you won't be going back to your stilettos any time soon!