Block Heels You'll Live in This Festive Season

The Christmas season is here, and party invites are coming left and right. Are you ready for this festive season?


Aside from worrying about what outfit to wear to each event, it would help to consider which block-heeled footwear to use. But you don't need to buy one for each event because the range of shoes from Wildfire is versatile, meaning you can use them on more than one occasion!


Standing, dancing, and mingling for hours at a party is not a joke. And with parties coming at you left and right, you will repeat all these a lot! So these shoes will be your saviour during this party-filled holiday season.


What is a Block Heel


Truly a godsend, this footwear can elongate your legs, make you taller, and, more importantly, be comfortable enough to last for hours. Also, their thick heels (which create a larger surface area in contact with the floor) spread your weight evenly, making your feet and lower back feel better.


Wouldn't you buy a pair if they can give you the height you want and the all-day comfort you require?


Another feature of this Wildfire footwear that will make you want it even more, is that it is both stylish and affordable! With a perfect fit, we guarantee you'll have the best holiday season with all these in one pair!


If you're excited to learn about these fabulous block heels, please read on!


Wildfire Styles of Heeled Shoes


1.    Platform


You may have seen old pictures of your mum wearing these shoes when they were younger if you're wondering why they look so familiar. Platforms will provide extra padding and support to help you get through long hours of standing, walking, dancing, and partying this festive season.


Avoid being alarmed by the height of these shoes because, while they are tall, they are comfortable because your feet are not at a narrow incline. In addition, wearing these won't make your feet uncomfortable because they elevate the front half of your foot.


Platform shoes can elevate your look and make you party-ready for this festive season! Some tips include pairing them with florals and bright colours! Next, pair them with jeans and a collared top for a preppy look. Finally, mix them with a midi skirt and crop top to make your body look longer.


2.    Strappy


We want you to do something other than play Cinderella at one of your parties this holiday season. What do we mean by that?


While Cinderella was wearing elegant glass shoes during that fateful ball, we're sure she didn't have straps because if she had worn this strappy number, she wouldn't have left one behind.


With strappy shoes from Wildfire, you will get the best of both worlds: a broad and thick heel that provides utmost comfort and ankle straps that keep them in place.


You need not worry about leaving one behind as you walk, dance, mingle, and socialise at each event. These are so comfortable and affordable that they will become your favourites soon!


The versatility of Wildfire shoes is clear because you can still use them after the holiday parties are over, even to work. From skirts and shorts to long and short formal dresses, even gowns, these strappy numbers will see you through every event!


Is a wedding on the horizon for you?


If so, you should use the ones with straps since they are great for indoor and outdoor events. Also, unlike stilettos, the thick heel won't dig itself into grass, sand, or soil, so you won't have to worry about becoming trapped in any of those surfaces.


Wildfire Sizes


You must obtain your Wildfire size because brand-specific shoe sizes vary. In addition, your comfort depends on how well the block heels fit your feet. Wearing ill-fitting footwear will prevent you from having the best time.


Figuring out your Wildfire size is easy if you know your measurement in these three systems. First, check the size guide to find your Wildfire size. Block heels come in seven sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11. If you are between sizes, we suggest going up a size.


It is advisable to take your measurements and go shopping for block heels in the late afternoon or evening when your feet are at their maximum size to account for the swelling. It will ensure you enjoy the party and comfortably dance to your heart's content!


Wildfire Colours


The festive season of Christmas is a time for twinkling lights and vibrant colours that show happiness. Going to parties in Wildfire block heels is ideal, as these shoes come in vibrant and festive colours that will grab people's attention.


The 14 festive colours are black, blue, brown, clear, gold, green, natural, orange, pink, purple, silver, tan, vanilla, and white. Allow our team to recommend a few colours to add to your wardrobe


.Everyone knows that black goes with everything, so if you want a versatile pair of block heels, you should never miss out on this! It is a classic, beautiful colour that complements warm and cool-toned clothing.


Take easy steps with Wildfire block heels as you bring good tidings and cheer to everyone.