Block Heels You Need In Your Life This Summer!


Give your summer wardrobe the boost it needs with a pair of Wildfire block heels!

These fashionable shoes come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Even the pickiest shopper will find something enticing on our shelves. Block heels are a critical feature in every woman’s wardrobe, as they can be endlessly styled and offer great support for your feet. If you’re still on-the-fence about getting a new pair, then allow us to convince you! Block heels will make the summer of 2019 something to remember!


Get bigger and better with espadrille wedges!


When it comes to attention-grabbing styles, espadrilles set the standard! These bold wedges (and their enormous platforms) draw your gaze instantly. Some of our favourite versions are block heels with braided rope texture on the base and self-tie straps that wrap high up your calves. Don’t be intimidated by the height of espadrilles; the flat platform base and full-width wedge cause less tension and strain than the stick-thin points of stilettos. Novices and lovers of block heels can appreciate the aesthetic and comfort of espadrille wedges.


Breakaway from the crowd with our edgiest looks 


At Wildfire, we recommend partially-enclosed styles for anyone who loves their block heels to have an attitude. We have designs with stylish cut-outs and functional (and fashionable) laces. We also have similar block heels with hole-punched material. You could also try our booties, which have woven material and circular buckles.


The beauty of this collection of block heels is the fact that they look as good with jeans and denim skirts as they do with dresses and other formal outfits. Whether you spend your summer in vibrant patterns or subtle pastels, these can take your look to the next level without even trying.


Strapped block heels could be your idea of perfection


There are multiple versions of this type, but we think the two you’d like the best are ones with buckled or self-tie straps. Strappy block heels are modern classics, and it won’t take long for you to fall in love with them. The buckled ones are best for ladies who want more support from their straps. In contrast, the self-tie options are perfect for anyone who wants total control over the fit and look of their block heels. 


We’ve given our best-loved classics a fresh spin


Airy block heels are a timeless pick for special events and formal settings. These typically feature a single slim band around the ankle and over the toes. But, Wildfire’s selection has additional straps over the toes or ones that loop around the back. We’ve also experimented with new patterns and prints including snakeskin and leopard spots (all vegan-friendly, of course). You can enjoy the time-tested design of these block heels and the top trends of 2019 all at once. 


Finally, think about adding our flatforms to your collection


Technically, these flat-based shoes don’t count as block heels, since they don't have an incline. But, we think that their chunky soles and similar features effectively capture the essence of the espadrille trend. Ladies who get sore feet from the shortest block heels will find that flatforms are an attractive alternative. You get a decent height boost with these on your feet, and their cushioned soles feel great! There are also heaps of different types for you to choose from this year. So, if you love the look of block heels but want to play things safe, then flatforms will be a worthy investment.


Which of these marvellous styles do you want to take home? 


Unleash your wild side with gorgeous new block heels, and see what you can make of the season! We’re sure you’ll find that satisfies your style. See your options at Wildfire today!