Boots For Every Outfit

Looking For the Perfect boots?


Find boots for every outfit when you shop at Wildfire! We have the hottest looks waiting in our collection at prices everyone can appreciate. Here’s what you need to know:


Our thigh-highs make a dramatic fashion statement.


Are you tired of calf-length shoes disappearing into the rest of your outfit? Is it time to trade up your subtle ankle boots for a more memorable design? Over-the-knees from Wildfire will help you make an impact!


These shoes instantly draw eyes, and add an element of intrigue and excitement to any look!


Wildfire’s block-heeled boots can handle anything.


When it comes to styling option, our shoes are ahead of the game. Our sensational styles come with mid-high block heels, so you can bring a formal element to any look you like. We love seeing thigh-highs on special occasions, but ladies who want to keep things casual have to add denim.


Ladies who feel self-conscious about their height (or their legs) will adore our boots!


Not only are they cool and comfy, but these shoes will lift your confidence and height at once! By providing you with a few extra centimetres of stature our boots will improve posture and have you feeling taller in no time! The incline of our heeled boots also makes your muscles appear better-defined, slimmer, and shapelier.


Now we know the benefits and allure of Wildfire shoes, let’s take a glance at the styling options!


Our boots look lovely with skirts and dresses.


Since they reach far up the thighs, our over-the-knee boots can take the place of tights or stockings during winter. The soft faux suede fabric will keep your legs warm and allow you to sneak some staples from spring during the colder months without consequence. Leave a little gap between the top of the boots and your hemline for a flirty look!


Long boots from Wildfire are fabulous paired with prints!


2019 is set to be the year of animal patterns, whether it’s on colourful work blouses or weekend outfits. Grabbing a set of shoes that can complement these bright patterns should be on your agenda when you shop for boots!


While our boots do have a bold fabric finish to add flair, they are a natural pair with eye-catching materials like these.


We recommend trying leopard print this season for a hot and fashionable look.


Dress your next set for cold-weather!


We can’t say no to a long coat or jacket with your tall boots! If you’re partial to puffy or oversized coats, our slim shoes can help maintain balance and stop your ensemble from seeming sloppy.


Wildfire styles also make fantastic casual wear


Their innate dressy feel can elevate casual clothes such as jeans or day dresses. We love the fashionable feel of these boots and the graceful weekend styling. Whatever your aesthetic is, our shoes are flexible enough to handle it!


However, we do have some other exciting options inspired by boots at Wildfire!


Our structured and ribbed sandals have a summery feel and gorgeous aesthetic, but their partially-covered look is reminiscent of our classic and trendy ankle boots. These strappy designs are a great alternative for ladies who want extra cover or protections for the feet, but keep bringing the fun and carefree feel of block heels. These are a favourite at parties, but we also love seeing these pretty heels paired up with casual clothes. Just like boots, our strappy heels can dress up or down as you like!


Does that help?


If you still have questions about our boots, feel free to contact us! The friendly Wildfire team will answer any queries. Now, isn’t it time you went shopping?