Boots With Heels That Are Perfect for the Upcoming Winter Fashion

Winter is fast approaching, and you need to prepare. First, say goodbye to your sandals; cold weather and open shoes do not mix. Instead, you need to find heels that can add height and style to your look and keep you warm, steady, and protected against the natural elements of winter. Isn’t that a tall order?


But nothing is impossible with Wildfire and its collection ofheels suitable for upcoming winter fashion. So let’s steer clear of stilettos and focus on boots with heels. Combining both in one shoe gives women more choices for the winter. 


In addition, you get the warmth, protection, security, and stability that block heels provide.


Let’s look at the various styles available at Wildfire. The team is making the task more accessible because they know more about these heels than anyone else. 


So no matter how many layers of clothes and warmers you wear, you'll still look good if you choose a good style.


Style 1 – Zip Ankle Boots With Block Heels in Natural Colour


Change your winter wardrobe by adding heels that are far from your usual black. These natural-coloured zip ankle boots from Wildfire will add elegance to your look. 


The shoes maximise the use of block heels for even weight distribution, giving the wearer the utmost comfort and stability as they navigate wet and slippery surfaces.


These figure-flattering boots provide a cosy underfoot to help you through events that last for hours. You can wear these heels quickly with the help of the side zipper that locks you in place in seconds. Who says you can’t wear boots to parties and formal events?


Now is the time to experiment and prove others wrong. These ankle boots are ready to take you where you want to go. Let’s look at some styling options you can wear this winter.


Mix your cream clothes with these natural-coloured heels from Wildfire. Wear a soft cream-coloured knit sweater with black tights or leggings, and finish the look with ankle boots—layer on a tan or brown overcoat for warmth.


Style 2 – Black Chunky Platform Boots


If you’re getting upset that you won’t be able to wear your short clothes because it’s winter, hold your frustrations because these knee-high boots from Wildfire will save the day. 


The blackboots with chunky, platform heels will keep your lower leg warm and dry, allowing you to wear mini skirts and dresses. Add tights or leggings underneath if you need more warmth.


Stability is not a problem with these heels because the base levels your feet. In addition, the square-toe design adds appeal and comfort to your winter look, made even more attractive by the knee-high finish and shiny outer material. 


Wearing these heels is a breeze, thanks to the zipper that secures them to your legs.


Bring the heat into your winter fashion by styling these knee-high boots with skinny jeans and an oversized sweater. Then, take your rompers out of the closet and wear them with leggings and heels. 


Finally, layer a long coat over it if you need to keep warm. Rompers are too cute to keep hidden for three months.


And since these heels are black, you won’t have any problem matching them with the rest of your clothes. Black, a versatile colour, ensures you won’t spend too much time debating what to wear.


Style 3 – White Cowboy Boots With Mid Heels


Get ready to live your Western movie dreams this winter by adding Wildfire’s white cowboy boots to your closet. While you won’t be riding horses much this season, these boots are ideal for walking (in winter)!


These calf-length Wildfire boots have a convenient zip on the inner side for easy wearing and removal. In addition, they have small heels and pointy toes that make you feel like an authentic Westerner in winter. 


Adding these boots to your wardrobe with their fancy stitching is a surefire way to boost more life into the grey and dull season. So let’s look at some ways you can style them.


A good pair of these heels can be versatile if you experiment. First, contrast a black monochrome outfit with these white cowboy boots. Next, wear an oversized black sweater and a maxi black denim skirt with a cute, suggestive slit. 


Finally, add some jewellery, and you’re all set! This subtle fashion statement can get you through the day and night.


Winter is the best time to wear knitted dresses! A dark red one will look fabulous with these white heels, which you can wear to a night out of town with your friends. Layering is vital to look stylish and keep warm with these mid-heels in winter. 


Another winter look is to wear denim shorts on top of tights and a turtleneck underneath a black leather jacket.


Style 4 – Green Mid-Height Sock Boots


Add a pop of colour to your winter wardrobe with these green mid-height pointy-toe sock boots with block heels. 


These shoes have a soft microsuede material that clings to your feet like socks. You’ll love how these heels give you the height, warmth, and colour to brighten your mood. 


While we’d all like to hibernate during the winter, these sock boots will improve our demeanour. And like all the previous heels we described, the shoes use a side zip that provides a comfortable, snug fit.


Some styling options for wearing these skin-tight shoes and elevating your winter fashion include fancy dresses. In addition, these heels are ideal for winter parties, so you won’t have to suffer the cold. Instead, pair them with your favourite cocktail or formal attire.


Wear these heels over skinny jeans with winter sweaters and jackets for a casual setting. Don’t forget to complete the look with scarves. 


The workplace is no exception. Wear these heels with dress pants and pantsuits to the office in style. Beige suits would look great with these green boots!


Elevate Your Fashion this Winter in Boots With Mid Heels to High Heels!


Never let the cold stop you from looking your best every day. Add height and colour to your style with Wildfire boots. This footwear always keeps you stable and warm throughout the season. That’s why they are dubbed women's favourite pair of shoes!


Head to the nearest Wildfire store or shop online for your perfect shoe size! Discover our huge range of boots and other styles of women's heels to fit every special occasion. 


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