Bridesmaid Heels That Won’t Break the Bank!

Wedding shoes don’t have to cost the moon!


Bridesmaids can find fashionable and affordable styles instantly at Wildfire. Instead of paying hundreds for a one-time-wear pair, you’ll get trendy heels and sandals you can wear again at low prices. We have a few other ways for you to get wedding shoes when you need them without making your wallet nervous.


Pay differently


At the checkout, you can choose to sign up or use an existing Zip or Afterpay account. We’ll send your purchased wedding shoes out as usual, and you buy yourself more time to pay back the total. If you get stuck purchasing wedding shoes for the entire bridal party, then you won’t get slapped with the full cost at once. Our split payment methods give your friends enough time to send you through their money and stop you from getting stressed out!


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Another way to save big on your wedding shoes is by tuning in to our subscription alerts. Instead of making you check for discounts and promotions, the team at Wildfire will send through the news about upcoming sales and discounts. Time it right, and you might be able to get all of your wedding shoes at a bargain price!


So, what else is there to know?


Since we’ve covered sales and strategies, here are our top three tips for bridesmaids and their wedding shoes:


1) Always, always, prioritise comfort


The first thing to consider about wedding shoes is where they are going, and whether or not they're appropriate for that venue. For instance, you wouldn’t grab the world’s tallest stilettos if the ceremony was down at the beach. Venue seating, or a lack thereof, is another thing to consider. It’s all well and good to wear high heels as wedding shoes until you decide to rest your feet and realise there’s nowhere to sit down and the night is young. In the case, block heels and flat wedding shoes are the ideal picks.


Wildfire’s range of wedding shoes and heels has a variety of different sizes that can suit any setting. We recommend block heels with bands across the toes and ankles in natural, white, or lilac for bridesmaids this season.  


2) Remember: they don’t have to be heels


If you need wedding shoes that can deal with sand, soft lawn, or lots of standing and dancing, then flats could be the best buy. With their crossover straps, buckles, and easily-matched colours, our sandals will be a dream for heel-shy bridesmaids. Not only is long-lasting comfort guaranteed, but you can be sure that these wedding shoes can handle anything. That’s not to say that you have to spend the entire time in sandals, of course. If you want to try your chance at heels, then these make ideal back-up wedding shoes if your feet get too sore or tired.


3) Be prepared!


Remember to buy your wedding shoes early and spend time getting used to the feel of them on your feet. Not only will this drastically reduce your stress levels as the designated date draws closer, but you’ll also have time to break them in a bit. If there are any problem areas that might cause blisters, you’ll have plenty of time to exchange your purchase or figure out a solution. This will ensure you feel organised and confident in the comfort of your wedding shoes.


Will you be buying wedding shoes from Wildfire?


Whether your ideal pair are espadrille wedges or sling-back kitten heels, we’ve got the designs that you need! Affordable footwear has never looked so fabulous. Make the Big Day memorable for the right reasons with Wildfire wedding shoes.