Celebrate In Style And Comfort: Your Wedding Shoe Guide

Celebrate in style and comfort at Wildfire this season! Do you want wedding shoes that look amazing and feel great? You’ll adore our collection! For ladies who love classic styles, we’ve got block heels and stilettos galore! But don’t forget about our great flats and other wedding shoes! Keep reading, and we’ll tell you what you need to know to buy formal footwear in 2020! 


To wear heels or not to wear heels? That is the question! 

While most ladies naturally gravitate to heels when they’re shopping for wedding shoes, they aren’t the only option. Truthfully, heels aren’t necessarily the smart option either. So, how do you know whether or not to pick a heeled style for your wedding shoes? Let us walk you through the basics! 


Are you confident about wearing heels as wedding shoes?

First, consider how comfortable you are walking in stilettos or block heels for more than a few hours. If you don’t wear platforms during the week regularly and only tend to pull them out for special occasions, then alternative wedding shoes may be the best way to go! If typically tall cocktail stilettos make you feel nervous, then try kitten heels or some mid-high pumps instead. Block heels are another excellent option for wedding shoes since the block bases are much more manageable for beginners to walk on than stilettos. Otherwise, you will be able to wear sandals, flats, and slides for hours without getting wobbly legs or sore feet.  


How do you maintain comfort if you want to wear heeled wedding shoes?

Luckily for you, Wildfire has got this mostly covered anyways. We design our heels, flats and everything else you could want as wedding shoes with enduring comfort in mind. After all, we always want our customers to have the best experiences with our styles. Of course, we also understand that there are ladies who’ll need extra support, and we’ve planned accordingly! Try our insoles or heel grips in your wedding shoes! These foot care accessories provide extra padding under your feet or on the backs of your ankles, which should prevent blisters and regular aches and pains. Since our accessories are one-size-fits-all and can get cut down to suit any style, they’ll fit into your wedding shoes with ease. And, since they’ll get hidden underfoot, they won’t stick out either. 


Do you know where the venue is for the Big Day?

The place the ceremony and reception are taking place might make you change your mind about which wedding shoes you need to wear. For instance, if the bride and groom are going for a traditional indoor setting (like a church), then heels will be lovely. But, if you discover that the Big Day has a beach or seaside setting and you’ll need to walk or stand in the sand, then flat wedding shoes are going to be the best option. For anyone who’s not sure what they’re walking into, we recommend block heels and short platforms. These wedding shoes are a happy medium!  


Shall we recommend a few designs for your convenience? 

While we still think you should browse through our wedding shoes for yourself and see what grabs your attention, we don’t mind offering some inspiration. As far as colours go, we enjoy classic natural and white styles and eye-catching see-through or metallic designs. Since they’re elegant but straightforward to move around in, short block heels and mid-high mules are our go-to wedding shoes in 2020. We have a mix of slide-on or strappy buckled designs, so the fit is up to you! 


Who’s ready to have a look?

Wildfire’s gorgeous wedding shoes are yours for the taking! Enjoy the comfort and sophistication of our styles this season!