Chic Low Heels For Suffering Feet

Womens low heels will ease your suffering in 2021! Are you tired of coming home from all of your events with sore feet from wearing your leather pumps?


Take advantage of the exceptional collection of low heeled casual shoes at Wildfire this season! Today, we’ll tell you why you should make the switch from your nine west heels to shorter block heeled platforms, when and where you should wear them, which heel sandal designs you might like best, and the accessories you should consider adding to your next order.


Let’s go!


Why Are Mid Heel Shoes The Most Comfortable Platforms?


We’d be happy to explain why you should swap your tall platform heeled shoes and black heeled stilettos for a shorter pair of block heel sandal this season!


A low block heel is the cosiest in our collection because they don’t put much pressure on your feet, ankles, and leg muscles. While they can still give you a little height boost, the slight incline won’t cause your muscles any strain, which means you’ll get to enjoy longer-lasting comfort.


This applies to both our short stilettos and block-based dress shoes heels, but broad platforms in midlow heels still provide the most support and balance. And don’t forget— you never need to compromise your style to get the most comfortable fit!


Here at Wildfire, our low toe heels are as stylish and trendy as our tallest heel shoes. Whenever we update our collection with the season’s hottest trends, whether it’s a fun new texture, colour, or decorative feature, we ensure that none of our designs misses out!


As such, you’ll see the same elegant features on our high platforms as our low heel shoe. So, many of our short styles have a tall lookalike at Wildfire, and the type of platform they have on the end is the only actual difference between them.


Putting comfort first in 2021 doesn’t mean that you’ll miss out on the trendiest new looks. So why wouldn’t you pick low heeled comfort sandals?


Where And When Can You Wear These Styles?


Our low heels online have many uses, but we’ll do our best to cover the basics! One of the great things about short designer brands platforms like these is that you can dress them up or down as you like.


High black patent stilettos might be classic formal shoes, but pairing them up with jeans and a t-shirt can be tricky! Womens low heel have the advantage in this arena. So when you want to add more glamour to your everyday outfits, all you need to do is add some little midheel sandals to your look and watch the magic happen!


Our low heeled pumps look cute with any casual outfit, whether it’s a denim skirt and top, a dress or jumpsuit, jeans and a jumper, or anything else! Beyond that, they’ll also look fabulous with your best formal attire.


A low kitten heel is an ideal pick for outdoor venues and events that run all day or all night. With our lowmid heels, you can look and feel your best for hours and hours! This season, be sure to take low heel height shoes to any event where you want reliable and lasting ease of wear!


Which Of Our Styles Should You Add To Your Shopping List?


There’s no shortage of gorgeous low heels online that you could add to your collection in 2021! So, which design is the right one for you? We’ll go through a few of our favourites for you right now. 


If you’re interested in low block heeled mules than stilettos, then our heel loafer or toe thong styles are a trendy option. Their chic straps stand out for all the right reasons this season! Also, Peep-toe mules are a pretty design that has skinny low heels. 


You can grab these block heel pump and mules in complementary shades like natural, white, and black, and some have trendy see-through top bands too! Our block-based mid heel is pretty and popular in 2021 too. Are you looking for eye-catching womens lowmid heels?


Grab a pair of mid heel sandals with beautiful, braided toe straps in a pastel colour like green, blue, or purple! Wildfire also has some strappy styles with either a convenient slide-in fit or a customisable self-tie design.


No matter what your aesthetic is, we’ve got a low block heel that will take your fancy!


Don’t Forget About Your Foot Care Accessories!


We’ve told you about many low heel mules that you can wear to keep yourself comfortable this season.


Still, wearing the stiletto heels isn’t always enough. If you get blisters or foot cramps wearing any type of womens heels like wedge sandals (even low leather heels), then you should consider grabbing some of our foot care products with your next purchase.


Here at Wildfire, we can supply you with a whole range of accessories and add-ons that you can use to elevate your comfort.


Our low peep toe heels might be super comfortable already, but there’s no reason why you can’t treat your feet to the absolute best foot care products that Wildfire has on offer. Shall we take a look at some of your options?


Innersoles are a popular addition to our leather sandals. We recommend sliding some full-length foam or gel innersoles into your toe post heels for the maximum amount of support and cushioning.


These will provide an extra layer of padding for your feet, absorb regular shock, and reduce muscle tension. Innersoles are one-size-fits-all, so you can cut them down until they fit in your flared heels flawlessly.


You don’t need to worry about your foot care accessories looking too obvious since your feet should naturally conceal them from sight. Still, if you’re looking for something more subtle to slip into your square toe low heels, our half innersoles are another excellent option.


These also come in fabric or gel versions, so you can pick whichever style works best for you. For example, do you often get blisters from the back of your dress shoes?


Our heel grips will fix that problem in a second! Simply stick the grips in place, and you’ll have a barrier between your skin and the back of your espadrille sandals, which will eliminate the risk of blisters!


Come And See For Yourself!


We could talk about our lovely low heels and awesome accessories all day if you’d let us, but we’d better wrap things up! Now that you know a bit more about our designs, we hope you’re feeling happier and more confident about picking a Wildfire pair for yourself!