Classy Low Heels For Any Wedding Or Party To Impress Your Friends!

Stop looking and check out Wildfire’s low heels, which can bring the class back to your outfit! You can dress to impress in 2020 with our short and mid-high platforms. So, do you need new low heels to take to a wedding, party, work function, or special event? Wildfire has got you covered with the trendiest styles of the season. 


Who says that formal shoes need to have enormous platforms?


Wildfire’s low heels are as elegant and glamorous as the tallest stilettos, and they’re twice as comfortable! Many of our mid-high and short mules get modelled off of our stilettos and tall styles (and vice versa), so they can look shockingly similar.

From a practical standpoint, low heels are a favourite pick for weddings and long parties because they’re the kindest on your feet. Even if you don’t wear platforms regularly, Wildfire’s shorter shoes won’t cause you aches and pains. You can trust low heels to help you party all night long in perfect comfort. 


We’re sure you’ll adore our slide-on mules!


Are you ready for low heels with a quick fit, airy feel, and stylish straps? As the summer weather starts coming in, you’re going to need formal shoes with some breathability, and our mules offer excellent air circulation! You won’t get hot and sweaty feet when you’re wearing our breezy low heels. If you’re heading off from dawn until dusk, you can trust mules to offer enduring ease of wear.

The low heels and wide platform provide excellent balance, distribute your body weight evenly, and prevent muscle strain from building up. We have heaps of cute new designs, including ones with slim and trendy top straps. Still, the low heels we love best at Wildfire this season are ones with trendy crocodile textured material! 


Do you love a good vintage-made-new style?


Our cake stand designs could be the low heels to add to your shopping list in 2020! This stellar style has a look that’s straight out of the 90s, and our customers are adoring it right now. If you’re tired of wearing the same cocktail shoes out to every event you have, then these low heels will be an instant hit! Here at Wildfire, we have cake stand styles with a thick top band and a classic peep-toe fit. Did we mention that low heels in the cake stand look come in heaps of different versions too? 

For ladies who prefer classic colour schemes, we’ve got natural, white and black pairs. But, for anyone who wants to try a more daring design, Wildfire has a set with a see-through top band as well! Like our other mid-high designs, our retro-look low heels are perfectly cosy and great for long parties. 


Since we’re talking about classic-made-modern dress shoes:


Sling-back styles are another excellent option for your collection! Low heels in this look come with a trademark sling-back ankle strap, as well as pointed toes and tiny stilettos for style. These elegant shoes would be a fitting pair for a work function, dinner date, or similar setting. Standing up on your feet for hours and hours is no problem with these shoes. Can you imagine yourself wearing sling-back shoes?

With a pair of these low heels on your feet, you will enjoy the same air of grace that our stilettos would give you, and enjoy long-lasting comfort. After all, the tiny incline won’t cause your feet any trouble, no matter where you end up walking! 


Come and see our low heels for yourself!

Shop online at Wildfire this year, and these excellent styles can be yours. Scroll through our collection at your leisure, and see which low heels snag your attention!