Comfortable Formal Shoes That Are A Must

Wildfire’s comfy formal shoes are a must-have for your collection!


Are you looking for cosier pumps?

Our cake stand heels could be your new favourite formal shoes! These retro pumps look like something straight out of the '90s, but in the best possible way. We’re seeing them all over the fashion world in 2020, and anyone who wants the latest look for their formal shoes needs to get a pair of cake stand heels into their collection. The mid-high platform and curve to the heel allows for better support and will place less strain on your legs. With these on your feet, you’ll enjoy the effortless grace of stilettos without suffering any of the usual consequences. Who wouldn’t adore cake stand formal shoes? 


You know you want our wedges! 

These bold formal shoes are eye-catching and oh-so-cosy! Do you find walking in stilettos, pumps, and other skinny platforms challenging for long periods of time? Wedges are the perfect solution and they make stunning formal shoes too! With their thick block base and ease of wear, you’ll love every second that our wedges are on your feet. These block-heeled formal shoes offer a great height boost, while the full platform keeps you steady, stable, and feeling fine. Do you want to hear about two of our best-loved designs in 2020? Self-tie wedges with braided rope texture are one of our most popular designs, and retro wedges with contrasting soles and a leather-look material are favoured formal shoes too! 


Low block heels will treat you right in 2020! 

Formal shoes with short block heels are sure to be a hit this season! With their quick and convenient slip-on fit, these heels are never a hassle to get on or off of your feet. The trendy square-cut toes and stylishly thin straps give these formal shoes a stunning look. Don’t forget that they’re super easy to move around in as well! Even though the short block heel will boost you up and accentuate your figure, they won’t make you wobble when you walk, stand, or dance. In 2020, keep your eye out for styles in this look that have cute crocodile texture. 


Try our flatform sandals!

Who says you need to wear heels to get a height boost? Our flat platform formal shoes will let you stand taller without the need of a heel, thanks to the thick and comfy base. We think these should be a go-to for events in spring and summer, especially if you’re a fan of bright colours or prints! Not only are these formal shoes kind on your feet, but they also make it easy to walk on surfaces like sand, lawn, and pebbles paths. Do you have any backyard birthday parties or picnics on your event calendar? Wear our flatforms sandals and enjoy uninterrupted comfort from these breezy formal shoes! 


Wildfire flats and sandals know how to party! 

Who says that you need any sort of heel in the first place? Flat make fantastic formal shoes for long events (like weddings) and parties held on the beach or in an outdoor setting. While there are a whole host of gorgeous heels waiting for you at Wildfire, that doesn’t mean that they’re your only option. Our comfy sandals and flats come with many of the same standout features as our platforms, such as trendy textures, metallic décor, braided material, and more! For more elegant affairs, our ballet flats will be the ideal formal shoes. For casual events, Wildfire’s self-tie sandals and strappy slides are a great way to go. You won’t regret wearing flat formal shoes this season, we promise! 


Which formal shoes are you taking home in 2020?

Try a pair of Wildfire’s cosy shoes this season!