Corporate Heels That Are on Trend

Wearing heels at work depends on the dress code. As we all know, many corporate workplaces do more than sit all day. Therefore, the shoes you decide to wear at work should allow for frequent and brisk walking.


They are likely unacceptable if they are so high that it serves only as decoration and will leave the wearer limping after an hour. The team at Wildfire wants to help you figure out the generally acceptable heel trends for corporate settings. We share some considerations before sharing the different corporate heels available at Wildfire. 


Choose from a wide range of styles, like stiletto heels, block heels, platform heels, court heels, mid heels, low heels, square-toe heels, open-toe heels, heel mules, and platform shoes, ideal for around-the-clock wear or formal attire for that upcoming special occasion. From high heels, stilettos, pumps, or heeled sandals, our new season of women's heels will add towering style to every look.


We have trendy, comfortable, and affordable shoes appropriate for the workplace. Women's put your best foot forward this season with our directional edit of women's heels; from towering platform pumps, open-toe heels, and stilettos to practical block heels and flattering wedges, the iconic features an extensive selection of must-have heels inspired by runways worldwide.


Find the fit guide that will be able to help you discover your shoe size so you can shop online with confidence.


Are Your Heels Appropriate for Corporate Workplaces?


Strict dress standards often apply to the types of shoes worn in the most conservative corporate workplaces. For example, they might not prohibit wearing high heels but may call for dressy, close-toed footwear. Still, one must consider how much walking they will be doing. 


Heels no higher than 5 - 7.5 cm are usually the most appropriate. Shoes in formal or business settings should be devoid of decorations and in neutral colours like black, brown, or tan. It might be acceptable to pair heels with a suit of the same hue, for instance, dark green heels with a dark green suit.


Additionally, choose shoes made of high-quality materials. Wearing high shoes might be challenging if you work in an environment where you constantly move. Instead, you can opt for low heels.


Trendy Corporate Heels for You


Remember that you mustn't sacrifice style to treat your feet kindly. With the shoes available at Wildfire, you're all set!


Block Heels 


The trick to wearing heels more comfortably, and staying within the acceptable corporate dress code, is to choose footwear with block heels. Block heels provide more support for your heel area and make it more comfortable. Wildfire has a pair of enclosed-toe block heels perfect for the conservative workplace.


This pair comes in black, tan, and white, neutral colours you can easily match with your work outfits. Short-block heels exist, and they are heaven-sent. In selecting these shoes, you get integrated arch support, a thick, moderate heel, and a cushioned footbed with shock absorption. A thick, modest heel is critical because you are much closer to the ground, improving foot support. 


There are several ways to wear these shoes to work. First, pair it with tucked top and cropped trousers. A business meeting is ideal for a midi dress and these shoes. Wildfire has these sizes 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11. Confirm your Wildfire size by checking the size guide. We recommend going for the bigger size if you are between the dimensions. 


  1. Low Heels


As we mentioned, the ideal height for corporate shoes is between 5 - 7.5cm. Shoes with more than 7cm are categorically high heels. However, some companies do not recommend going for shoes with staggering heights because you must make more effort to prevent falling forward. 


After all, high heels tend to force your body weight forward. In addition, it may put additional strain on your knees and change how your back naturally curves, resulting in knee and back pain. Thankfully, Wildfire has trendy and comfortable options.


The low heels at Wildfire are available in the following heights: 4.5, 5.5, 6, and 7. These fall within the acceptable corporate shoes. Therefore, you can achieve the height and elevation you need without sacrificing comfort or health.


The good thing about these shoes is they do not have severe inclines, saving your feet from muscle fatigue. One of our most well-liked and distinctive low heels is the kitten. You may wear these to work because they are so lovely and cozy! 


They are typically between 3 - 5 cm tall. Kitten heels are a terrific choice if you're searching for a pair of low-impact heels to go with your corporate capsule wardrobe, including pantsuits and business clothes. Some styling ideas for work include mixing these shoes with a pencil skirt. For colder days at work, you can opt for low shoes with crisp white pants and an oversize winter coat.


How to Make Your Corporate Shoes Last Longer?


After figuring out which pair of corporate shoes are for you, you must learn how to make them last longer. The team at Wildfire gathered some tips to help you:


1. Protect the heels


Give extra care to the heels because they are constantly in contact with diverse surfaces.


2. Spray with a Water Protector


Use a water protector spray before wearing them. Follow the directions indicated on the bottle. Do this every so often. Check out Wildfire's available water and stain protection spray on its foot care page.


3. Put newspaper inside


Stuffing your shoes with newspaper helps keep their shape, removes moisture, and aids in unpleasant odours.


4. Proper storage for your shoes


If you have dust bags available for your heels, that's good. Pillowcases can be ideal substitutes for dust bags if your shoes don't have any. Store your shoes away from direct sunlight to prevent colour fading. A dry storage area is imperative because heels + moisture are terrible.


5. Rotate the use of your shoes


While we understand that you want to wear your favourite pair most of the time, doing so daily will wear them out fast. Fortunately, Wildfire's collection is affordable, so you can buy more than one pair without breaking your budget. Moreover, Wildfire's flexible payment systems, like Afterpay and Zip, allow you to buy now and pay later.


Dazzle Co-Workers with Your Trendy Corporate Shoes!


The best advice is to find the best pair of corporate shoes that match your dress code. Ensure that whatever you end up with makes you feel comfortable and supported. Wedges are excellent for outdoor activities. These brands' shoes are very affordable.


But you don't need discomfort and pain to add to your worries. So whether you're looking for something special for a night out or need a good staple pair of black or nude heels for your wardrobe, our versatile range has you covered. 


Head to Wildfire's online shop or the nearest stockist to get a pair! Your shopping bag is currently empty? Shop now and enjoy shopping with us.