Desk To Dinner, These Heel Styles Will Take You There!

Our Range Of Heel Styles 

Do you need a fantastic pair of high heels that can go from desk to dinner? Wildfire has got the styles for you! Whether you need something that can transition from the office to a fancy restaurant or special event, then we have the looks to bring out your wild side! So, are you ready to find the perfect high heels for you?

What height suits you?

The first thing to consider when selecting high heels that can switch from work to weekend is the height. Depending on the kind of job you have and the sort of workplace you operate in, the best size for your high heels can vary dramatically. If you have a desk job and sit for extended periods of time (or can sneakily remove your shoes from time to time), then you can get away with wearing tall, thin stilettos. However, if you are always up and heading to and from places, in and out of meetings, or to different venues, then you may want something shorter that has more support.

At Wildfire, we can accommodate you. Our range of high heels includes thin stiletto, block, and even full wedge bases.

Get the latest look with espadrilles

When it comes to high heels and the latest trends, you cannot head into spring and summer without espadrille wedges! These will look great in formal and casual settings, and dress up or dress down to your pleasure. Our high heels will make for a fun and fresh-feeling office look on a fair day. The thick wedge base on these high heels are tall but still supportive and should give long-lasting comfort. You can enjoy the addition of lace-up ties which draw attention to the ankles. Pair our espadrille high heels with prints, flowy skirts, or cut-off work pants to accentuate the best features.

Choose a classic with our pumps

You can never go wrong with our pump-style high heels. Glamorous, trendy, and ever-so versatile, these are finished off in a shiny patent or smooth faux suede material. The tall stiletto base will bring height and confidence in one. It's no wonder our pointy-toed high heels are favourites in 2018, or that they keep racing off of our shelves. When it comes to a go-to style that can excel in any situation, these high heels are it! Plus, with a handful of classic colours to choose from, you can pick up as many as you need to complement your current wardrobe.

Look for high heels that suit you

It's all well and good to plan an outfit that can head directly from your workplace to a restaurant or a get-together, but shoes are a different matter. Depending on how comfortable you are with high heels at all, you may have a harder or easier time with spending an entire day in them.

Don't forget to check out our lower styles as well!

If high heels aren't your cup of tea, then you can always pick something shorter. After all, there are no rules that ay high heels are the only acceptable formal shoes; you could go for low kitten-style or block-based sandal. Wildfire is here to help everyone find shoes that can bring out their wild side, after all!

So, what will you pick?

If you want high heels that incorporate the best new trends, switch from desk to dinner with a snap of your fingers, and will have you looking and feeling great, then check out the range at Wildfire! You can browse our website at your leisure, whenever and wherever you like. Treat yourself to some new high heels today!