Do you need an alternative to stilettos?

Check Out Our Range Of Low Heels 


Having trouble walking in towering stilettos? What could be worse than buying a great new pair of shoes and realising you cannot comfortably wear them? That gorgeous pair of stilettos you purchased for a friend’s wedding? They came off before the couple said their “I dos”. That pair you bought for work? They spent more of the day laying under your desk. If you need something a little more practical for the office, a formal event, or for a long day of work, Wildfire has got you covered. Our low heels and flats come in a diverse range of styles, colours and sizes. You are sure to find the perfect pair for yourself in no time!


Versatile wear


At Wildfire, our range of sandals and low heels are incredibly dynamic. Depending on what you want to wear with them, they can be dressed down or dressed up. Want to wear jeans and a t-shirt with some of our strappy low heels? You will look flawless. Need a last, elegant touch to your formal wear? Our slim low heels are a stunning finishing piece. If you want shoes that can be switched out and switched up, our low heels are just what you need.




Sandals from Wildfire come in roughly three kinds— tall or low heels, and flats. If our lovely low heels do not convince you, you can always pick up a flat, lace-up style. These can be tied tight around the base of the ankles or high and daintily up the calves. One of our favourite looks has a stylish faux suede finish. Of course, if you happen to change your mind and want a pair of low heels, after all, we have sister-styles for you browse too.


Low kitten heels


Our kitten, slingback, and low heels are perfect for work. They have all the style and finesse of a pump or stiletto, but with all the comfort longevity of a flat. These low heels are classics and come in a range of colours, including black and red. Black, of course, is a colour that is complementary with most others. These will look great with work pants, skirts, or dresses, and with block colours or patterned fabrics. With a cool slingback feature, these have a bit more glamour than your average low heels for work.


Say goodbye to sore feet


Maybe the real reason you want low heels is to obtain comfort without sacrificing style. If you are prone to getting foot cramps or blisters after more than a few hours in high heels, it might be time to find a low alternative.




Do you know why most platforms are more comfortable than stilettos and pumps? Platforms help ease pressure on feet— your weight is distributed more evenly because they have a more surface contact with the ground. Just like low heels and flat shoes, platforms are fantastic for days where you expect to be up and about on your feet, or for a lengthy stint at a function.


Low heels— the block edition


Block heels also get admired for their comfort. Wildfire carries both high and low variation of these, but they are equally chic. We love a structured or strappy style, and we know you will too. In mainly natural tones, these make your legs appear as elongated as you would expect from a stiletto.


Make foot pain a thing of the past with Wildfire’s fantastic low heels! We have versatile looks that can take you to the shops, the workplace, or to your classiest formal events. Why wait? Come to see what we have on offer today, and show us your wild side.