Don't Let High Heels Scare You—Here are Our Top Tips for Wearing High Heels with Confidence

We understand that wearing women's heels—high heels, to be exact—is a daunting task. Even experts complain about how dreadful and uncomfortable they can be after a few hours.


But a special occasion may call for formal attire and high heels, so here you are looking for a friendly crew to help you scare your fear away. You came to the right place!


Think of us as your fairy godparents, ready to help you figure out how to walk in high heels. The team at Wildfire will help you wear these shoes with confidence.


High heels are any pair of shoes with a heel height greater than 7 cm. Wearing them requires preparation because they alter your balance and move your centre of gravity.


Anyone who wants to walk in these shoes confidently needs a few tips and tricks. Are you ready to start your journey?


After reading through this, we expect you to be excited and ready to strut in Wildfire high heels with confidence. 


Tip 1—First Times Will Be Shaky Even with Block Heels


If this is your first time walking in high heels, imagine yourself as a toddler learning to walk. Any situation you go through for the first time is shaky, at the very least. The same goes for wearing high heels.


After getting your pair from Wildfire, start walking around the house. Please hold on to a railing. High heels will knock you off balance, so expect it to be awkward and unsteady. 


You may also feel some strain on your leg muscles and lower back because they exert effort that they have not done before. 


Tip 2—Get Better with Practice (Start With a Pair of Mid Heels)


Even before you get your new pair of high heels, practising walking on your toes around the house is best. Doing so will strengthen your calves and enhance your confidence and balance.


Once you've gotten your pair from Wildfire, test them on as many different types of flooring as you can, such as carpet, slippery surfaces, and stairways. Practise will help you develop muscle memory until you start strutting around in high heels.


Tip 3—The Proper Order is Heel to Toe, Not Vice Versa


The proper way to walk in high heels is to step forwards and rock from your heel to the tip of your toe. You can silently repeat "heel-toe, heel-toe" in your head as you walk. 


Never step down all at once. Staircase manoeuvring can be challenging, but you must first get a foothold before placing the second foot down.


Tip 4—Walk at a Slower Pace and With Small Steps


Keeping your balance might be difficult since high heels may cause your centre of gravity to change. Did you know that as your shoe height increases, your stride gets shorter?


So, don't try to return to your usual stride; instead, take smaller steps. As they say, "slow and steady wins the race." Take your time walking in high heels because it keeps you safe. 


Tip 5—Lean Back Slightly


You might discover that your high heels don't enable you to move as rapidly as you'd like, so you hunch your neck forward to compensate. Counter this tendency by leaning back slightly when walking in high heels.


Because your centre of gravity changed, you must maintain a good posture the whole time. It may help if you imagine that you are balancing a book on your head as you practise in your high heels. 


As for your arms, swing them as you usually do.


Tip 6—Visualise a Straight Line to the Finish Line


Wearing a pair of Wildfire high heels will make you feel like a star. Make that star even brighter by adding a little hip shimmy as you walk in a straight line to your destination point. 


Pinpoint an end goal and visualise a straight line heading towards it. Avoid looking down while wearing high heels, just like while riding a bike. Look straight to your destination and sashay your way there. 


Tip 7—Gradually Increase Your Wearing Time


Most events last about 4 hours, so to get used to wearing high heels, you should slowly increase the time you practise in them. Work your way up by increasing the time intervals every day before your event.


For instance, walk around the house for thirty minutes, then one hour the next day, then 1.5 hours, until you become an expert in them.


Tip 8—Ensure that Your High Heels Fit


When your stiletto heels don't fit right, it's hard, if not impossible, to walk the way you usually do. Breaking them in is one approach to making sure your shoes fit right. Wearing thick socks while moving around the house is an easy and quick way to break in your heels.


Doing so will slightly stretch your shoes while shaping them to fit your feet. Is there another way to expand them? Wear thick socks and stilettos, and wiggle your toes while blow-drying them! Stretching your shoes to fit your feet accurately will prevent blisters.


Buy a Pair and Start Practicing Right away! 


Sometimes, fear gets the best of us. But we all need a set of fairy godparents to help us along! Now that you know what you must do in theory, it's time to implement the principles. 


The first step is to head to the Wildfire online shop or the stockist nearest you to buy a pair of women's heels. Providing ample time between your purchase and the event for practise is best. 


If everything else fails, wedges, kitten heels, heel mules, court heels, platform shoes, platform heels, block heels, square toe heels, open toe heels, and even Wildfire low heels all qualify and could be your favourite pair!


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