Dress Shoes Perfect For Every Special Event

Searching For The Perfect Dress Shoes? 


Today, we’ll be going through a few basic styles and figuring out what makes them appealing dress shoes. Now, let’s get started!


Pumps are a go-to style for most events 


When you’re not sure what to wear, these slide-in stilettos provide an easy option. These low heels are dainty and graceful, and, since they’re low-cut, dress shoes in this look can get coordinated with all sorts of clothing types. Plus, you can swap these into your collection during the week leading up to your special occasion. Patent pumps are some of our favourites, as their spread of colours and glossy material adds to their allure.


Sling-back kitten heels are ageless dress shoes


Elegant and trendy, these are a natural choice for ladies who love modest but graceful looks. In terms of functionality, the low heel makes these dress shoes ideal for lengthy events. You can still get the look of skinny stilettos, but without sacrificing support for your ankles and feet.


Do you love being able to customise your dress shoes for the closest fit and best feel?


Our strappy block heels might be the prime pair for your collection. The long faux suede straps on these dress shoes create the illusion of more slender and lengthy legs when they’re tied higher. However, they’ll look gorgeous gather around the ankle if you have low-reaching clothing. You get your choice of basic block heels or taller variation featuring a platform.


Update your elegant styles


Cocktail stilettos are an instant favourite with formal attire, so these dress shoes excel in fancy venues. Whether you plan to put these with classic dresses, jumpsuits, or other attire, our airy heels are a marvellous pick. And, with black and natural shades dominating this range, you should have no issue matching colours or accessories with cocktail dress shoes.


How do you feel about partially-covered looks?


It's almost winter, so we've decided to include dress shoes with outstanding protection. At Wildfire, our ribbed and cut-out block heels give your feet a better barrier and protect them against the elements. These are a bolder look than conventional stilettos. If you want block heels that can make a statement, then these dress shoes will be a dream come true! Add a contemporary edge to your attire with a set today!


It’s time to give advice!


Since you have an idea of the kinds of dress shoes that we have available now, which ones will suit your upcoming events? One of the leading factors to consider when shopping for events is the duration. Are you drifting into a restaurant for a few hours and sitting the entire time? Do you have a wild night ahead and plan to dance from dusk until dawn?


Maximise your comfort experience with pre-planning and a strategic set of dress shoes


Figure out the kinds of place you’d like to take your dress shoes before you begin shopping. Dress shoes with skinny heels are great for wear indoors, while block-bases are the superior pick outside. Likewise, the longer the event, the thicker or shorter your heels should be.


Wildfire has dress shoes to fit any number of events, from weddings and parties to dinner dates and other celebrations. These versatile designs can be styled dozens of different ways, which means you’re free to push the limits and step out boldly. You might even sneak a few of our dress shoes into your casual collection once the parties are over!


Jump online and browse your options!


We deliver dress shoes to our customers in record time, so buy now! Our styles are sure to unleash your wild side.