Dress Shoes That Are Never Boring!

Are you tired of seeing the same old dress shoes every year?


Are you tired of seeing the same old dress shoes every year? Give your collection a refresh with Wildfire’s gorgeous styles! Take a look at our stylish designs and essential information below:


The beauty of our mules is transparent!


These trendy block heels bring one of our favourite looks of the season. You have your options of getting mules with two thick bands across the bridge of the foot or grabbing these dress shoes with a see-through top strap. Ladies who need their feet to breath will appreciate the backless design. The air flow of our dress shoes stops the transparent band from fogging when your feet get hot too.


Stilettos are supremely beautiful dress shoes


When it comes to elegant and attractive designs, there’s no contender to slender heels. These chic and dainty-feeling dress shoes create an elegant profile effortlessly. With their skinny heel and excellent elevation, you can wear your longest and lightest materials without consequence at your next formal event. However, you will want to be careful about where you take these particular dress shoes. Stiletto points are lovely to look at, but novices may find them challenging to wear outdoors or for extended periods.


Alternatively, try kitten heels or sling-backs


Your dress shoes have to carry you from dawn to dusk and back again to be considered successful. So, if you love the look of skinny pumps but can’t fathom spending an entire night in them, then it might be time to size down. Our kitten heels and short dress shoes are the ultimate solutions. You will find these are far simpler to walk in and balance on than a full stiletto, so ladies of all experience with heels can give them a spin! While dress shoes in this look are ideal for lifting your look on a special occasion, they’ll also be an excellent set to sneak into your work wardrobe!


Want to know our pick for weddings?


Whether you’re a guest, maid of honour, or the lucky lady walking down the aisle, Wildfire has the dress shoes for you! Block heels are our top choice to see you through the ceremony on to the reception. Dress shoes like these tower as tall as the biggest of our stilettos, but provide a thick base to balance and support you. Walking over terrains at the venue that might make thin heels sink, slip, or trip will be no issue for block-based dress shoes. Given you’ll spend the majority of the wedding dancing, standing and talking, or posing for photographs, we think these chunky heels are the ideal choice!


Don’t forget to have fun with the embellishments!


The Wildfire collection of dress shoes comes in an array of colours, textures, and décor. We have black, natural, red, lilac, and even more, shades to select! You have the option of polished patent, fabulously soft faux suede, or smooth synthetic material. Your dress shoes might even incorporate a line of sparkles or glitter across the toes.


Accessorise to perfection with clutches


If you really want to liven up an outfit, then why not pair your dress shoes with a fun clutch as well? Wildfire carries a number of excellent clutches and evening bags that would be the perfect accessories with your look. Pretty and practical, the colour-scheme of these handy holders of


cash, cards, keys, and cardigans can pair beautifully with any of our dress shoes. Not only will you tie your entire outfit together, but you can also delight in the usefulness of a purse!


The hottest styles of 2019 are only a few clicks away!


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