Dressing Up Women's Flats!

Looks like you're here for some styling tips! Well, Wildfire is here to get you inspired for the next time you wear flats this season. We love helping customers find trendy new shoes at amazing prices, and we're so keen to recommend outfits and accessories to go with them!


As far as we're concerned, there are two ways you can play this: look for new ways to style an existing pair of shoes, or search for flats that you will be able to dress up for different occasions. In this handy article, we'll do our best to go over our top styles and clue you in on ways to coordinate them.


What features should you look for if you want flats, you can dress up?


If you're looking for a brand new pair of shoes that you'll be able to wear to a wedding, special event, or night out, then Wildfire is here to help! We recommend buying a flat shoe, leather flat, black flat casual flats, womens flat shoe, and toe heels with new and trendy features. The more modern and cutting-edge your shoes feel, the more fitting they'll look with a formal outfit. We'll start with the material! Leather-look flats are dime-a-dozen, so swap them out for animal print or crocodile (or lizard) texture.


That scaled texture will add a more appealing vibe to your next outfit and without drawing too much attention to itself. Linen and raffia material are the other two options. In 2021, we're seeing these rough-looking textures on everything, and you'll see plenty of flats in our collection in these materials. Textured slides and sandals can pair up with your party clothes easily and keep you looking on-trend. Finally, we recommend flatforms.


Flats like our platform sandals bring a touch of elegance to an outfit anyway. While they don't have traditional pumps or block heels on the base, they still have a heel height that can offer a height boost and a fashionable vibe. Just as they elevate your stature, these thick-soled low heels will also lift your aesthetic. Buy the right pair of womens shoes β€” dress shoes in low heels, leather sandals, wedding shoes,  and even kids shoes this season, and you'll be able to wear the same set to different occasions, as long as you coordinate them properly with different outfits!


Does your work wardrobe need an update?


We've covered potential party shoes, but what about footwear for formal settings? If you don't have to wear heels into the office as part of the dress code, then flats are typically the go-to for workers. After all, while heels offer a professional and elegant aesthetic, that will get undermined if you're feeling sore and awkward in your platforms.


With our cosy flats, sore feet should never be an issue. Not only are they the most straightforward type of shoe to wear during your commute to the office (via car, bus, train, or by foot!), but they'll also ensure you last past 5 pm. If you've got something planned in the evening after work, your feet, ankles, and back with thank you for spending the day in flats!


The right pair of work flats will keep you feeling your best during the busiest and most demanding workdays, and they're a staple in a weekly corporate wardrobe. We haven't even started telling you about all the amazing designs and styles you can try this season. Let's remedy that now! Wildfire customers have so many stunning work flats in black patent, patent leather, black leather, white leather, or tan leather to choose from, but there are still some clear favourites!


Since a lot of offices require footwear that covers toes, our most popular designs are all enclosed. Sling-back ballet flats and pointy-toed slides are the top picks with working ladies. These shouldn't be a surprise since you won't need to do much to dress these shoes up for your office! You can pair our ballet flats with your best work skirts, dresses, or culottes, a nice blouse, and a matching jacket with ease.


Then there's always our line-up of ankle boots, leather boots, lace up boots, and almost flat to low-heeled heeled boots. Whatever your aesthetic is, you'll find a way to dress these shoes to perfection for a professional setting!


Pair up your new flats with Wildfire's gorgeous accessories!


You should never underestimate how effective a matching clutch or set of earrings can be with your shoes. Match the colour, pattern, or decor on your flats with your accessories. It will instantly give your ensemble a more put-together and fashionable feel. So, do you want to hear about some of your options?


First, there are hair accessories that will look great matched with our sandals and slides. Are you thinking about taking home some flats with see-through straps this season? Our clear hair coil is the obvious pairing with those translucent slides! Scrunchies are an easy option this season, especially since they come in similar colours to our newest flats. Our favourite scrunchies come in black, pink, and blue velvet, but we've also got some cute leopard print ones that match our flats.


Second, Wildfire has an impressive collection of earrings for you to try in 2021 too. Like our hair accessories, these earrings have metallic features, raffia material, and other aspects similar to our flats. Finding earrings that remind you of your new shoes won't take long at all. The beauty of figuring out which flats and accessories work well together is that you'll be able to integrate them with different outfits.  


If you're going out to an event and you've picked a classic black dress or jumpsuit, then your matching shoes and jewellery can make that basic look stand out more. Give more accessories a go in 2021!


Don't just take our word for itβ€” get creative with your styling!


We've covered the basics for pairing flats up with different outfits and for different settings. Still, half the fun of fashion is experimenting with items in your wardrobe and seeing what works for you and what doesn't. How else will you discover your favourite style of flats and the outfits you can wear with them?


Besides, with our low prices and near-constant sales and promotions, you can afford to be more daring with your choice of flats. Now is the perfect time to try something new. Visit Wildfire's online store and start your search today! A pair of our flats, sandals, slides or other shoes are sure to catch your eye in no time!


Drop by or shop our collection of flats that exude style and comfort. Be sure to check our online exclusives. While there, be sure to get shoe care, foot care. We are sure with our available sizes, including wide fit (you can always use our handy size guide), you'll find what you've been looking for.