Emmi Is Our Perfect Summer Heel! Here’s Why!

The Perfect Summer Heel For Every Occasion 

Do you need the perfect summer heels to update your wardrobe? At Wildfire, we have just what you are after! We have shoes that will have you looking and feeling great from the moment they fit onto your feet.

Today, we want to talk about Emmi.

If you want the most popular summer heels of the season, then Emmi is a fantastic choice. As one of many espadrilles which are dominating the scene of summer heels in 2018, Emmi is the perfect look to add to your wardrobe as an instant go-to shoe.

You can wear them casually or formally, depending on the occasion. An all-day pair of summer heels like Emmi make great party shoes as well— ones you won't hesitate to take out on the dancefloor!

Cosiness and height

Emmi has a large, luxurious base. Out of all of our summer heels, Emmi is up there concerning height range. However, it still balances the right amount of lift with a comfortable fit and incline. The advantage of wedge platforms like Emmi, compared to stiletto summer heels and the like, is that they get designed for long-lasting wear and comfort.

The thick base on these summer heels provides a broad surface to stand on, lessening the pressure that would otherwise get placed on your feet or ankles. The high incline of Emmi helps elongate your legs, making them look slimmer in turn. Plus, the natural or skin-coloured platform base of our espadrille summer heels can trick eyes into thinking your legs are even longer.

The advantage of fancy fastenings

Buckled straps are a favourite feature on summer heels this year— partly for the shape, but also for the convenience. Buckles bring the perfect balance of function and style, allowing you to alter the tightness or looseness as you please, while also maintaining the aesthetic aspect of your summer heels as well. Emmi's buckled ankle strap is square and trendy, and the metallic silver finish is a delightful excuse to accessorise your summer heels with some matching jewellery.

Fancy finishes

It's all about the heel with this one, which is why it makes sense that there might be some more attention drawn to the platform in the design. Our espadrille summer heels come with a mixture of finishes— from smooth and shiny to coarse twine. The pattern fixed into Emmi's base is a gorgeous, braided rope.

With Emmi, you also get your pick of materials. Faux suede is the first; this is a trendy look on a set of summer heels and is season-appropriate. The fabric is cosy and soft, which means an even comfier experience. Our faux suede style comes in beautiful black.

Emmi's second choice of material is a smooth beige synthetic, which allows for some slightly more diverse wearing options. Where you may hesitate to take your faux suede summer heels by the poolside without a liberal coating of waterproofing or barrier spray, our synthetic material is a hardier alternative.

A strappy look

Emmi's crossover straps are another highlight feature. For 2017, a single band horizontally over the toes was the favoured look. Now, it's strappy looks that are making it big on summer heels. We've seen diagonals, crisscrossing ties, and straps isolating big toes. For Emmi, it's a classic 'X' shape. Not only does this provide cover, but also provides a natural form for the top of your feet to slot into effortlessly when you wear your summer heels.

Will you be adding Emmi to your wardrobe?

Bring out your wild side this season with Emmi! If you want summer heels that can go the distance, then it's time that you shopped for Emmi at Wildfire.