Enjoying A Wine Tour This Spring? These Heels Will Complete Your Outfit!

The Perfect Heels For A Spring Wine Tour

Is wine tasting on your to-do list this season? Are you heading deep into the wine-tasting country with a group of friends or your special someone? Wildfire is here to make sure you are ready for it! You need a particular pair of heels to set off on this adventure, so we came with a few notes and tips to speed you on your way! Now, let's get started!

What terrains are your heels going to face?

Depending on the kind of wine tour you are embarking on, the amount of walking you can expect may differ. If you are heading straight inside to a spacious seating area or exploring indoors only, then you might get away with some tall and slim heels. However, if you immediately have to step out onto a parking lot made of loose gravel, trek across the soft lawns of the vineyard, and do all of the tastings from a stand-up counter, then you might want to rethink wearing stiletto heels.

The style of heels we recommend

The last thing you want to do is spend the entirety of your day lamenting the fact that you wore stilettos. You're on a wine tour to have fun, not worry about sore feet and every little thing your heels do to annoy you!

So go with the safe option, and pick a pair of block heels or wedges. Our broad-based styles are just as elegant as any stiletto, but with even more comfort included. There are all sorts of benefits— reduced muscle strain, long-lasting comfort, stability, and so much more. Plus, you can still pick something nice and tall if you want to! We have heels that range from as low as two or three centimetres or all the way up to ten.

Our top picks for your next wine tour

Espadrille wedges are one to consider. These are trendy, comfortable, and perfect for wearing all day long. The thick platform base on these heels will also help boost your height. Plus, if you have something long or flowy that you want to wear, and are scared of it dragging and getting dirty, then espadrille heels should be able to help you out.

Platforms would be excellent for the same reasons. With a thick, supportive base, you can get the look and feel of a regular pair of heels, but retain some confidence in your steps. At Wildfire, one of our favourite platform heels comes with crossover bands on the toes and a buckled ankle strap.

Styles we love (but should probably leave at home)

All-white is a huge trend on heels this season, but it might be a little risky on a wine tour. If you're sampling red wine, it might be safer to pass this one up. Otherwise, make sure everyone is on their best behaviour and keep your fingers crossed. If you've ever tried to get red wine out of our clothes, you can imagine how unpleasant trying to work stains out of your heels might be.

For the same reason, you may also want to forgo heels finished with faux suede. Unless you have some waterproofing spray handy (or are okay with picking some up for the occasion), faux suede does not like getting wet. Trust us; wine or grape stains are not going to be endearing additions to your heels.

We hope that helps!

There's nothing better than enjoying a sunny day with friends and some good wine. Make sure you take heels that will heighten your enjoyment instead of distracting you from it. Shop for your next trip out to the vineyard with Wildfire!