Every Woman's Guide To Finding The Perfect Heels

Finding The Perfect Heels 

Are you ready to shop the range of women's heels at Wildfire? Need a few little pointers before we get started. Here are a few things to consider the next time you are on the prowl for a perfect pair of women's heels.

The height:

The first thing to consider when buying women's heels is the height. If you regularly and comfortably wear tall stilettos, then you have your pick of styles. However, if you are entering into the game of women's heels a little later and are unsure about how tall to go, it is something that you should stop to consider. At Wildfire, our range of women's heels includes block, kitten, and stiletto styles. With such a significant variation in height, everyone is sure to find a size and look that they will find pleasing.

Thick heels or thin

Women's heels with broader bases are better for stability and hours of extended wear. If you are planning for an event that spans a day, includes dancing, and runs the risk of spilling out into a different scene, then we recommend you keep your women's heels low or thick. That way, you are guaranteed a good base of comfort from the start. Thin styles from Wildfire look elegant and graceful. These are perfect for any formal occasion, and instantly dress up a look.

Where you intend to wear them

Another thing to think about when buying women's heels is whether they have the versatility to be worn across multiple areas and occasions. If you want one solid, reliable pump to wear around the office, that's fine. But if you want a sleek, patent pair of women's heels that can switch effortlessly from formal to casual, then it is best to weigh your options.

Formal styles you will be able to wear again

The worse thing about dressy women's heels is the fact that so few people reuse them. You find a gorgeous pair that looks great on, take them home feeling great, and then you only wear them on for one big event. Otherwise, they might end up being a last-minute decision for another formal occasion when you do not have enough time to organise anything. After that, it is back to the cupboard for your women's heels.

Of course, shoe trends this year might turn all that around. Diamantes are in for spring and summer, and not just on wedding shoes. Don't be surprised if you see some more of these coming in, even in casual wear. Women's heels with a little bit of bling are coming in more and more. Last year, it was structured silhouettes and lace-up styles. Now Wildfire is stealing the best looks from our wedding shoes, and bringing them into everyone's favourite street-worthy women's heels. In fact, you may already be seeing ladies wearing look-alikes of our wedding shoes under a pair of cutoff jeans out and about on the streets.

You can wear fancier women's heels with a casual look by adding some links into your look with subtle add-ons. For instance, if diamante straps are the only things shining on your outfit, you run the risk of unbalancing the look. Thankfully, there is an easy fix. Earrings, necklaces, and bracelets with that diamante shine are a natural match. Even the right belt could look great with your women's heels. If you like some bolder makeup looks, this is another possibility. Go for a sparkly eyeshadow, lipstick, or add some glow to your cheeks!

So, why wait?

Women's heels at Wildfire are just a few clicks away when you visit us online. Always try before you buy? Find our range exclusively in-store at your local Spendless Shoes. Bring out your wild side with Wildfire women's heels.